Silence can be beneficial when used wisely, since too much stimulation can actually end up harming oneself holistically speaking.

Taking time to silence our minds from all the external noises and the world to connect with oneself, and the way God created our bodies will allow us to learn how to appreciate it and see how far we can get as individuals. Look within.

We are full of a future that we lack seeing at times because we are preoccupied trying to let other see our talents and discover theirs that we get caught up on how others are living to their “full potential” but what about you?

Do a self inventory let silence speak… you will hear it speak greatness once you connect to the right source, away from all the noise of this world.

I will give you three free points to help you daily a fourth super pack bonus points with a few suggestions:

    Use what many call a technology blackout daily for an hour or two a day to connect with yourself, and during that time take about 20 min to start—become mindful and create awareness of who you are as a person reflect and think: who am I… how do I feel about myself, what much more can I do/accomplish?
    Use another 20 min to remain silence and let God talk to you about who He says you are!
    Enjoy the benefits of gratitude by investing another 20 writing about what you’re grateful for-plan something you’d like to achieve…

Bonus pointer: Use the other hour to enjoy being YOU (detoxify) technology free, read a book, cook, stretch, enjoy the family (or simply do a no social media hour and watch a movie if social media is the downfall).

Now go ahead and have a great Tuesday knowing that you have an idea of how you can continue to enjoy your day.

Remember that you can always connect for more information on how to navigate through life, of you need guidance, coaching or lay counseling in any area that God may allow me to be of help.

As always with my best love!

Your coach,

Denise Kilby!

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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