Marriage is not simply a piece of paper as many are making it out to be to simplify the commitment and justify their behaviors. To avoid getting married or to continue living in sin during their marriages and excuse a lack of willpower to change, and pressing on for the long haul.

Marriage is a sacred bond a choice that was moved passed lust, beauty, kisses and butterflies to being present and enduring, between a man, a woman—and God.

Marriage is an institution established by God that only God can decide what will happen to it, in it, during, and with.

We are created for relationships and will always long and be looking for them in one way or another.

God’s intention was for us to have one another in a sacred unity apart from sin.

When God created the light and night called, and called it, GOOD— the vaults of the sky and the evening, the morning, the grounds and vegetation and SAW IT WAS ALL GOOD. The stars and moon and sun the animals and the birds.

And saw that there was nothing wrong with called it all Good!


THE ONLY THING THAT GOD SAID IT WASNT GOOD WAS FOR MAN TO BE ALONE (Gen:2-18). Thus He decided He would make a HELPER suitable for him.

Every creature had a suitable helper—except Adam (Gen:2:20b)

Marriage is the proper context for raising children. Even secular research shows that marriage is head-and-shoulders above other types of human relationships in terms of the benefits it gives to adults and children.

Please remember that although marriage is the proper context for raising children NO ONE should remain silence in an unhealthy relationship to protect the integrity of someone else. Speak up, seek counseling, and help if you think or believe that you’re being a Victim of abuse or find your marriage or relationship with yourself or others to be unhappy or in danger. Reach out and report it immediately.

Ponder upon the following:

  • How is a relationship supposed to work, the sacredness of it if you’re not living with your suitable helper?
  • Did you wait for your suitable helper?
  • Did you wait on God or moved about on your free will?
  • Are you dissolving or distorting the sacredness of marriage because you moved about acting on your free will and now the sanctity of marriage is to be severed?
  • Is your sanity in jeopardy because you’re staying in a relationship that’s unhealthy to protect the sanctity of marriage even though your marriage is no longer sacred?

If you’ve been asking yourself any of these questions I suggest your ask for guidance and if you don’t know who to ask I am a direct message away. You can also click on the link in my bio and connect….

I am here for you!

As always with my best love!

Your coach,

Denise Kilby

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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