Marriage Sanity and Sanctity

Marriage is not simply a piece of paper as many are making it out to be to simplify the commitment and justify their behaviors. To avoid getting married or to continue living in sin during their marriages and excuse a lack of willpower to change, and pressing on for the long haul. Marriage is a … Continue reading Marriage Sanity and Sanctity

Trying to make sense to the world around me

In a world where everyone is so busy building their own empire (especially during this tumultuous times) the best thing I can do is pray for a way to build one together. We were created for relationships, intimacy, and connections. I don't want to live in a world that is tired of others making them as different but they're screaming that they are. I don't see myself any different than you. I am here to love you just the way you are, and my prayer is that you see me the same way. Enjoy the read, and make the best of your day! Share with someone who may need help navigating these days.

Sit Down

Sit Down Yes you read it right, There’s a difference between a conversation, an argument, a fight, and a struggle. Do you find yourself unable to have healthy conversations with people “you care about?” Are you always arguing to win but don’t know how to fight the right way (with the right weapons) for your … Continue reading Sit Down

Today is a Great Day for Change

Glennon Doyle came to a realization during a very difficult breakup in her marriage that “It’s not right to expect our every need to be met by one person” and I honestly couldn't agree with her anymore. But can we apply that to our everyday life? How about if we see every single person inside … Continue reading Today is a Great Day for Change

Don’t be One of Them

How Much do You Love Yourself? There’s is people who do not know what love is and they walk around hurting others... unloving what is supposed to be love and mistreating what is supposed to be treated with respect, and cared for. DON’T BE ONE OF THEM!! Quick reflection: Are you aware that you must … Continue reading Don’t be One of Them

25 Movies About Mental Health To Watch

Spiritual Health Brings Mental Health & Mental Health Brings Physical Health I  am a HUGE mental health advocate and I love the fact that Star Moon took the time to gather/search for movies that speak and help in some way create and bring mental health awareness. Click on the link and visit the blog and … Continue reading 25 Movies About Mental Health To Watch