Glennon Doyle came to a realization during a very difficult breakup in her marriage that “It’s not right to expect our every need to be met by one person” and I honestly couldn’t agree with her anymore.

But can we apply that to our everyday life?

How about if we see every single person inside an organization and groups as individuals rather than groups a whole and a ball of people?Can we try to change our way of thinking about them, and notice that each one of them have individual legs, arms, heads, hearts, minds and guess what a SOUL… believe it or not!

ALSO—don’t you EVER expect to be able to meet your every need (you’re not God my dear).

Don’t expect to be able to meet everyone else’s needs either.

Don’t expect to be able have someone else meet your every need (let’s be realistic here-wouldn’t it be awesome though?).

But most importantly don’t mask yourself with different characters to try to please #everyone especially yourself and the way you view this world.

Unfortunately our worldview is shaped by the way we have been brought up as child, by our society and as members of diverse religious groups, church and diferente organizations that we may be part of.

However the good news is that YOU ARE MORE than the way you may see the world right now, than those who have betrayed you, or have in some way shaped the way you see yourself and the world today, and There’s NEW HOPE here TODAY.

ADULTS, TODAY I tell you, that it is a GREAT day to change the way you see others and the way you see yourself.

Go head on first for a positive change !

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights Reserved.

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