Changing my Perspective

Happy Happy Saturday EVERYONE! First and foremost let’s make something very clear. The way people see you, and see life, including theirs speaks about their perception. Their perception about YOU speaks about THEIR level of discernment not yours. YOURS will SHAPE ( #however ) how you live YOUR live. If we let the way theyContinue reading “Changing my Perspective”

You are Worthy

Where is your focus? What do you see when you look at yourself? Have you decided to place some value in what you’re really worth? Do you have any idea on what you’re truly worth or is your value place on what others believe or think of you? Oh dear I have NEWS FOR YOU!Continue reading “You are Worthy”


Your mental & spiritual well-being is more important than anyone else’s! Take care of yourself first! I know this may sound absolutely harsh and selfish, but lovely readers—You cannot pour from an empty cup! “For which of you, desiring to build a tower does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he hasContinue reading “Investments”

Let’s Talk About Crisis

A crisis could maximize a persons potential A crisis could help a person reach their qualitative level of life, their dreams, and achieve many goals. A person during a crisis and feeling anxiety develops an immediate capability to help save a life or or their own. Also, a person in crisis can create a smallContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Crisis”


Help them reconnect to the source Draw a Line Learn how to draw a line—decide to help the people who have become disconnected from the source of kindness reconnect, by being kind to them even when it doesn’t make sense. Yes, undeserved kindness will confuse a lot of people and save many souls from gettingContinue reading “Kindness”

Fight Flight or Freeze

That moment in which you have all the opportunity to take action is crucial. When we feel fear, harm, or stress we naturally intend to save ourselves attack and or convince the attacker not to attack us as a response of saving ourselves. Its in those three words above, in which we have all theContinue reading “Fight Flight or Freeze”

Share the Vision

May 1st Mental Health Awareness Month. I seriously had to pray before I opened up to talk about this. You may think, its just a logo. I must tell you. This is my logo! This is a revelation, a message, something that’s meant to speak without words, I absolutely forgot that May first was MentalContinue reading “Share the Vision”

Shaping and Opportunities

The message I am trying to get across is that today you are the result of the decisions you made yesterday. Today you have the opportunity of making new decisions by shaping your own behavior and changing your mindset and train of thought that will enable you to see a different tomorrow tomorrow. If youContinue reading “Shaping and Opportunities”

Do More of What Matters

It’s okay yo admit that “work is in progress”! Do more of what matters: Doing more of what matters will reflect your character and your values. Here a quick a five pointers Live life doing what you believe and finding the meaning of it on a daily basis (every day is a clean slate). FailureContinue reading “Do More of What Matters”

Who are you looking for?

The Tomb is Empty! Where is He? … in the middle of this pandemic in Easter Sunday when you can’t gather with your friends and family to party and celebrate Easter, as you normally would where is He and who is it that you’re looking for? Jesus is telling you that He is still nearContinue reading “Who are you looking for?”