Tuesday Thoughts 💭 Healthy Boundaries: COVID-19 Life Lessons!

Something I’ve noticed, is how during this pandemic to somehow avoid the rapid spread of the #COVID virus or to minimize being in closed tight spaces with people who might carry the infection that could get others sick and are thus considered unsafe there’s a waiting line OUTSIDE and space capacity ( #LIMIT )in a lot of places. Something/someone must come out in order for others to go in. Hmm… think about it movement, transaction = action!

And today as I am reflecting on the thought of creating healthy boundaries to protect our, minds, bodies and spirit, to go back to living a healthy life style… I thought about the lessons learned in life. #reflection

So I created this post!!!

WELP, after I create the post I realized that I didn’t have enough space to share… I needed to delete some images to create space for new ones.

Are you following me here! Oh, I so pray so!

We are responsible for the clutter that we allow in, and let it stay there. #movealong

“Like the window shoppers, holding up space!”

For the infections that we let linger, into our spaces and into our minds.

Creating healthy boundaries is detrimental for a healthy soul!

You are responsible for you. You are responsible for your own body, feelings, thoughts, spirit, choices, attitudes, values, talents, desires and behaviors. You are responsible for your health, to make good choices, to think positive thoughts and to have a good attitude.

Uncluttered—get rid of all the things/people that are no longer serving a healthy space in your love! Remember that we are here to serve as well not to be use.

If you need help navigating through any of these contact me you’re not alone!

As always I am here for you!

With my best love at heart,

Your coach—Denise K.

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christians Counseling. All rights reserved.

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