I would’ve never accomplished a change of heart without understanding that I needed peace of mind

Letting go every single day was a requirement in order to grasp the new things that God had prepared for me.

In order to move from any pain and trauma (as recent as yesterday) you must:

Get up every morning and decide to fight for what you truly want!

Let yesterday’s mess become today’s message and today’s message become tomorrow’s broadcast!

Liberate your mind and spirit from any negativity and anything that could be possibly be cluttering your mind, and possibly be an impediment for you to be completely happy in soul, body and spirit, that will aid your mental health.

Not from anyone else’s “perspective” but from the vision that God has placed in your heart — an oppressed spirit will never be able to see God’s vision and will continue to try life without its creator, but a free spirit will mount up on wings like the eagles 🦅 and fly high even when devil thinks he has defeated a warrior.

Have determination at heart.

Fear will keep you stagnant, courage will advance you and provide determination, and a free spirit will equip you with the mental strength required to face life everyday.

Remain persistent my dear and continue to practice this every morning of your life.

Is you need help navigating through any of this issues don’t hesitate to contact me!

We are fully online, tele-help, virtual friendly!

With my best love!

Your coach,

Denise Kilby

©️ Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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