A persons psyche is designed to adapt to different situations in life.

Emotional changes can be one of the hardest changes to adapt to, however, there’s also emotional healing, spiritual healing, mental and of course physical healing.

This includes and requires adaptation!

Change is constant and whether is positive or negative changing will mean ones mind will need to adapt and adjust to accordingly.

There will be times when one will not have the strength to get through it and rest will be necessary, but remaining consistent in action, whether is planning without exhaustion, or making the next move in a slower phase, will get one there.

.Understanding to be objective is not always necessary. In cases like this, you need to process your feelings, and this can take some time. The hardest things to recover from is grieve: this include a heartbreak, a death in the family, a spouse, separation, divorce, friendship breakups, abuse, etc…

If you want it to go faster, see a #therapist.

Remain focus on your goals at all times: you are undergoing a state of #development until you have reached your last stage of life.

It is very important to take action during the process you’re undergoing even if you don’t understand what’s happening especially during a period or temporary unhappiness or difficulty.

Training the mind of the individual during the adolescence stage or a particularly during childhood to strengthen their spiritual beliefs is very important as it prepares them for when they become adults.

When the lioness have cubs they practically play all the roles in the family; feeding, and caring for their babies etc… African Lions usually move on and leave all the work load to the Lioness.

Lioness’ don’t only nurture their cubs, they teach them survival skills, they teach them to hunt, and how to identify the enemy that wants to take everything they have worked for. The lioness teaches them and doesn’t not withhold anything back that The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; and ultimately KILL THEM!

Most cubs don’t make it to their first birthday (very unfortunate). Just like many adolescents who grow up in a broken family nowadays and their lives become corrupted by what they see in society or in their homes commit suicide or get killed.

However, during this phase (state) of development the lioness is focused, determined, empowered, and have all the force to equip, and bless other with what she’s been bless. Her ability and talents!

She knows just like the lion how to adapt to any situation, and does not backdown. She’s fearless and ready to fight for her cubs!

Prepare yourself for readiness with the necessary tools to live a life free of the shackles that may be holding you back!

You Are More! Let’s connect!

With my best love!

Your coach,

Denise Kilby

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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