Unless we truly face what truly concerns us and crush it we will always live in the denial that there’s is something wrong.

The devil wants us to believe that things are fine or that there is something simultaneously wrong with us for wanting to face the problem head on.

Learn how to walk by faith. Face the problem head on, come to an understanding and agreement with God that challenging the problem doesn’t make you a difficult person, or an unbeliever. It makes you brave.

Stop feeding the problem and allowing it to grow into your life and overgrowing into your spiritual life causing it to starve to death.

The healing power lives in the power of care.
Paraphrasing what T.D. Jakes wrote in one of his books (relating to trauma) “Peter challenged Christ’s compassion not Christ!

Learn how to challenge your miracle.

Challenge the compassion of people and see what you will get as a result.

Is it genuine love?
Genuine compassion?

Jesus rebuked Peter—when people are challenged and you are wronged (played by the devil-confused) they will stop on your tracks and let you know that they care, that they love you and more importantly begin to show you actions that will feed and nourish that love.

If you are interested in genuine care and compassion or need help and understanding on how to genuinely give it I invite you to connect with me.

Contact me for a free strategy session, even if I’m not the one I can help guide you. With my best love! Your coach, Denise Kilby
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