Children are compared with arrows in hands of a mighty man (or a warrior) of a person with power.

Have you thought about the influence & power that you have alongside God to raise your gift in this land and lead a generation of sharp arrows to change a world.

They are already sharp, they just need direction and wisdom that comes from above because trust and believe they are #smart—waiting for us to aim at the direction in which we want them to go.

Never with force, but with precision and anointing!

Observing our moves, and what we do with our gifts and talents, making a big impact in this society with opinions and expressions. #listen

The question is where are you aiming your gift?

Where are you pointing your arrow?

I am here doing the best I can, but I must certain aim my arrows as high as I can and with all the prayer, anointing, precision, and dedication that I possibly can under the covering and protection of my God.

This generation is not lost, they might have been shot in weakness or have not been shot yet. We’re still on time!

Let’s do this.

Contact me to help you connect with your children, teen and uncover the edges of your gift.

Don’t miss the opportunity for an amazing FREE time ME TIME where you can dedicate your children to the Lord in prayer (no matter their age-they don’t need to be there), your home, marriage, finances, career, goals, life accomplishments and more in a 40 min zoom meeting through our first New Hope Prayer Friends all you need to do is follow the link, and say “I’m in” in the email body and you will receive all the information!

I cannot wish to connect with you!

With my best love!

Your coach,

Denise Kilby

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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