Stay Long Enough—you’re there with purpose!

There will be nothing more rewarding than knowing that you’ve learned something from the trials and tribulations, past the test and didn’t cheat the process out of it. But instead stuck it out long enough to learn some lifelong valuable —lessons to teach others.

Don’t numb your feelings, & emotions out or cheat the process with cheap things, relationships or whatever entertains the flesh, the mind & numbs the soul!

Be smarter than that! Invest your time, remain focus. This is your life.

Learn from every experience lived and use it in your favor TO YOUR ADVANTAGE FOR THE BETTER GOOD, to become a better individual! You don’t even need a college degree my dear to be able to help others navigate through certain life issues!

Start with your family look around you. Hear the cry for help!

All you need is love in your heart.

What are you lacking?

How can I help?

I am compassionate!

Let’s connect!

I find it pretty amazing how God connects people through the Holy Spirit. On my previous post I wrote about compassion and God linked Pastor’s message yesterday to speak about evangelism being a lifestyle and used compassion as an example to lead the message.

I want to go back to that previous post a little… be compassionate. Show love #agapelove #compassion #evangelize (words are hashtags with hope that you can keep them in your head and hashtag on forward).

Love changes people.

Share the truth with others #Jesus

Btw suicide awareness month is September!

If you want to you can help save a life—spiritually and physically!

If you need help navigating through any of this issues LET’s connect.

With my best love!

Your coach,

Denise Kilby

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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