They say that you can’t heal in the same place where you’ve been hurt. But little gets spoken of the reasons why you’re hurt in the first place.

Commitment to change the perspectives in regards to the situation you may find yourself in is always necessary for proper healing.

At times it will be required that you remain in your gethsamine to allow full healing and understanding of the process—the possible motives and reasons for the pain and suffering being inflicted and endured might be revealed or might always be kept a mastery of the Holy Spirit, but if you survive you will learn a life lesson.

We have the choice to hurt or not hurt…however. To avoid causing pain one must understand the sensitivity of the other and without communication our relationships will never make it to that level of sensitivity and intimacy.

To all the couples who are committed to overcome pain and heal together stay strong there’s New Hope and You Are More than the “little things you’re facing”.

Yes let me minimize what you’re going through, because what will come out of it will be so big that you’d be thankful you remained as long as you did.

If you can’t commit to or for each other anymore commit for the sake of the marriage, at the end you will reap the benefits of being committed to an institution of love.

• share honest thoughts feelings and desires at all time

• develop and pursue shared goals—don’t give up over night

• resolve conflict, and overcome the fear of not being intimate, learn how to talk

• negotiate for a change in the relationship that will bring life lasting benefits.

Discussions are healthy & vital in all relationship types.

Work hard for what you want and commit to being honest with others and yourself, no one needs to change into being something they’re not but everyone must live to become happy with the choices they make.

With my best love,

Your coach Denise Kilby

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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