You have a unique identity, essence, qualities, gifts, a GREAT calling, talents, and your own beauty.

You have no need to change or attempt to change because there’s people actively attempting to coerce you to change who you were created to be.

You were created to be something wonderful! If you are loving a life where you are constantly, lying, cheating, hurting others, mistreating people, or being cheated on, mistreated, lied to, abused or neglected. Than I must tell you something must change.

Unless that’s the case you must remain unchanged. (If you are the victim of domestic violence or believe are committing violence against someone and want to stop but don’t know how seek help immediately).

Self- care: Now, let’s talk a little ably self-care. As you continue to live this Saturday become aware of your surroundings a little bit more, love yourself enough to enjoy every breathe you take, feel the sensations of your body with every stretch you take, listen to the sound of the birds when you go outside. Take the time to say something kind to someone and be mindful to their reactions and how that makes you feel, listen carefully to people when they speak to you.

Later on watch the sunset go down this evening and the sunrise come up tomorrow and make a gratitude list—enjoy the day with the people you truly love.

Accountability: If that person is simply you, well so be it, just make sure that you’re happy with your decision and actions. That you can stand by them with honor and respect, and have peace of mind at the end of the day. Think about yesterday, you can never go back to it, and tomorrow is not here yet, the only day you’re in charge of is today, with faith (hope) that tomorrow will have a different outcome than yesterday.

Awareness: Don’t change your beliefs for anyone else, always connect with God for guidance. Find the truth within yourself. You have your own essence. Living in regrets is not a happy life, chame and guilt are not the same.

Guilt speaks about your behaviors, and allows you to repent and be free, shame speaks about your character and condemns you holding you captive to bondage thus you withdraw and continue to make the same mistakes.

You are unique!


As always I am here for you, reach out and feel free to connect.

With my best love!

Your coach,

Denise Kilby

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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