Good morning my beloved friends and readers: I am here for you!

Thinking to myself as I navigate through life, I come to say once more

“Thank You God”

As I realize how easy a kiss turns into a smile, and a smile turns into a smirk, and a smirk into a glance, and a glance into a side look, and slowly depreciates into expressionless looks, fighting it’s ways into a “hello”, “good morning” and “whats up”.

I am so thankful that the promise wasn’t that “we will never have a trouble free life and therefore, we wouldn’t need anyone”.

We were born for relationships—let’s fight to maintain them. Maybe you are in the wrong one or need help to discover how strengthen the strands of it.

Please learn how to apply this to all relationships in general.

I absolutely believe that if those would had been one of the words that came out of Jesus heart ♥️ (lips) in the upper room before his betrayal and arrest I would most definitely NOT have the faith and belief I have today.

I thank God, he said instead “IN THIS WORLD YOU WILL HAVE TROUBLE, but take heart ! I have OVERCOME the world” (John 16:33).

He told us those things so that we can learn how to have peace! And be dependent on Him and rely on His purpose for our lives! Isn’t he lovely! #amazing if you ask me! Sleek!

He didn’t promise a trouble free life!

Thank you God for that and more—if He did I would be calling Him a liar and what not (I’m being real).

But in times of betrayal, heartaches, spiritual arrest and tribulations we are to learn how to seek help and find peace despite the giants that we see standing in front of us every morning and every night!


I know how HARD it is to ask for help. A lot of people say yes and FAIL YOU!

Many people “help” the wrong person, or see you as the problem instead of attacking the problem and seeing you as the solution to the problem.

I’ve been there and learned that all I had was God, prayer, and Faith to help me see what was within me.

It’s Throwback Thursday I guess we could take back a little huh 🤔 😉!

You don’t have to do it alone!!!

When asking for help, be clear, be specific on what you need, write things down, don’t be afraid that you be asking too much!

With my best love 🤍

Your coach,

Denise Kilby

©️Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved. Readers Disclaimer

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