Labor Pain

Welcome and embrace December with cheers and love!

Perhaps you’ve been waiting for a long time in silence unsure whether you’re going to receive something you’ve been long promised, and suddenly noticed that this uncertain year is coming to an end but I want to encourage you to NOT GIVE UP!

There’s still hope:

Have you thought that all along that promise may have been long waiting for you to walk up to it and take possession of it.


Take action this month, say the word and make it happen. Step into your tomorrow.


Ask yourself a few questions

  1. Do you I believe what’s been spoken over me or not?
  1. Do I understand that God is in control and not me?
  1. Am I ready to become everything that I was created to be?
  1. Do I want to keep living in this rut?


A lot of times in my own life unless I practice complete surrender to God and understand that I can indeed trust Him I remain stuck in the rut watching my promises dissipate from afar.

2020 has been year of many promises from the beginning—a year when God told me to take many bold steps of faith that required action right in the middle of tearing and pulling of the heart, in the precise moments when I was enduring the strongest contractions of labor pain—despite the fact that I didn’t know that something beautiful was being born out of it!

THAT’S HOW GOD WORKS! Spiritual growth must hurt!

But right then I knew I had to push (it’s a natural force that is born within us) everything that I had and I did was in complete surrender, I pushed and placed it at my ABBA’s feet, in obedience despite what I saw unfolding in my own home and the world because I understand that I am more in Christ if I believe that there’s New Hope for those who trust in Him.


I still believe that You have time!

Welcome December like a boss and have a grand finale full of new beginnings!

With my best love in Christ,

Your coach—Denise K.

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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