While we keep moving ahead in life we must remember and think of those who perhaps are stuck in a negative situation or mindset.

Let’s take a look at the most common methods of suicide:

Firearms 50%

Suffocating/Hanging 28.6%

Poisoning: 12.9%

Other methods: 8%


Caucasian individuals (this does not mean that they are the only ones).

Higher risk: Middle age Caucasian males

Any age group is at risk: ***but on the rise between 10-14 years of age***

Females attempt suicide more often than males.

However, Males are more successful at committing suicide due to the methods they use.

Lowest risk: black women

People at risk:

Substance abuse

Mental illness: depression disorder, disorder, personality disorders, anxiety—PTSD

Who are more impulsive to commit suicide?:

1. Those expose to violence or are violent to others

2. People who are exposed to chronic pain and violence in their profession

3. Those who have been sexually assaulted or physically abused

4. Those who have access to lethal means at any time

5. Bullying

6. People who are undergoing prolonged stress:

• harassment

• job loss

• relationship conflicts

• financial loss

• & legal trouble

Don’t tell anyone what they’re supposed to or allowed to feel!

Ask questions and listen to their stories. Offer Hope!

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