. Give yourself some grace 🤍

Some of us spend a lot of our earthly years attempting to look for the best qualities in people—giving #grace, #forgiving and attempting to #forget making it one of our primary #goals (“to live in peace”) “in order heal & move on.”

Truth is that you’ve already been through a lot—too much perhaps, like to go about life forgetting about yourself in order to understand, and excuse others.

Rest it up 😴🤩

Have you thought about investing some of your time in yourself? Giving yourself grace and seeking for your best qualities—within you. Yes, based on the identity that’s was given to you by your father?

I believe it’s time that many of us decide to live our lives to our fullest God given potential, be intentional and practice it daily.

One of the greatest things in life is not achieving our goals (YES I’VE SAID IT) or living close to people who make us feel good (AT THE END THEY’LL LEAVE IF YOU DONT MAKE THEM FEEL GOOD-according to them, how they want).

One of the greatest things in life (IF NOT THE GREATEST) is rather living to our full potential. whatever that means for you.

Stop looking for validation and excusing other’s behaviors to find your place in their lives. FIND YOUR PLACE IN YOURS!

Live your life gracefully, gratefully, with high morals, values and respect for others, but overall respect for yourself.

Your feeling and emotions matter, your health matters, you deserve to be looked at as a serious matter.

Live your best life my dear, you can begin now, begin feeling and giving yourself validation, importance.

I am here for you, reach out!

With my best love EVER,

Your coach Denise K

©️ 2021 Denise Kilby New Hope MHCLC. All rights reserved.

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