That moment in which you have all the opportunity to take action is crucial.

When we feel fear, harm, or stress we naturally intend to save ourselves attack and or convince the attacker not to attack us as a response of saving ourselves.

Its in those three words above, in which we have all the power of either making, breaking or crushing our dreams in life. (Remember the last post about Joseph?) I hope someone read the story… It’s not in the bad things that we do that we make our worst mistakes, but in the good things that we omit to do. We need to be very alert !!

Have you ever had a dream and not put it into action? Oh yeah…! We’ve all had those GREAT dreams that feel like they are a TOTAL fantasy, and just leave them resting right where they belong, at the pillow.

But now, have you ever had a GREAT dream, that you’ve seen someone else make it their great reality?

Now, that’s how you crush your own dreams. Is in those achievable dreams that you didn’t plan or made a goal to achieve that you start seeing your dream crumbling to pieces while someone else is making it in life

Take action:

  1. Use your body’s natural reaction to take the right course of action!
  2. Ask for discernment, Joseph knew where His dreams where coming from and who was talking to Him.
  3. Even when no one else believes make sure that YOU my dear believe in your dreams in yourself and what you want.
  4. Don’t left fear stop you or derail you from your Divine Destiny! #youaremore

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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