Help them reconnect to the source

Draw a Line

Learn how to draw a line—decide to help the people who have become disconnected from the source of kindnes, by being kind to them even when it doesn’t make sense.

Yes, undeserved kindness will confuse a lot of people and save many souls from getting lost and stomachs from ulcerative colitis (I had to add some humor, but that’s pretty accurate).

Perhaps, they’ve hurt you while being unplugged and you feel like kicking heads off, screaming and getting inside their heads to make some sense, or help them realize “aye you’re not more than me I am here too” etc., but that feeling isn’t hurting them!

It’s hurting you!

It’s time to stop:

  1. If someone doesn’t say good morning to you, You say it to them! Yes simple as that.
  2. If they don’t like your post, and you genuinely like theirs GIVE IT A LIKE , drop a heart.
  3. If they don’t open/hold the door for you, AYE no sweat… open it yourself! (Thank God for hands).
  4. If they don’t want to talk to you, you talk to them!
  5. If they seem like they may have overlooked you in the grocery store because you’re super short like me, and skipped the line!…let them go first, and SMILE 😃
  6. Woah they happened to have forgotten your birthday, oh no your amazing wedding anniversary… no problem. Look them in their eyes, and remind them! And don’t act like you forget theirs next time please!

They might be disconnected from the source of kindness and lost right now but let’s make sure that you stay connected.

Draw a line and show people what kindness looks like! ——————————————————


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