Ready Set Go!

When you have a mindset to do things the way you were created to do and the way you truly want, you don’t let anything stop you — you will inspire people, and they will be encouraged to keep going by seeing you in action. Words will not be necessary at times for your actions will be speaking for you.

However, keep in mind that you’re being the role model (there’s people watching) there’s people looking up to you. People that need people like you to keep going in life.

People who need of your testimony to get out of their rut and learn how to build their empire. You’re the center of attention right now. Yes, that might sound scary. You probably don’t want to be. That’s okay!

But you are. You’ve been called to walk ahead, and live a life of leadership. Walk with a role model mentality. Stop thinking as a follower, you are not a follower.

The only thing we should be following right now is Our Savior’s foot steps.

If you prepare yourself every night to rest in His embrace and drop all fear from your heart at the foot of the bed you will wake up ready to walk in the shoes of a conqueror.

All you need to do is be ready to leave it all in His feet. Make a few deposits daily. The most important deposits are the ones in the mornings, and at night gratitude is of utmost importance.

Something to think about….don’t you think?

From now on you will be moving and operating in the gift and talents that was deposited within you.

There’s more within you, are more than the current circumstances you’re living right now. Be grateful to be able to live another day. You are walking into like a boss leading like a role model, how’s that? Enjoy your day!

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