May 1st Mental Health Awareness Month. I seriously had to pray before I opened up to talk about this.

You may think, its just a logo. I must tell you. This is my logo! This is a revelation, a message, something that’s meant to speak without words. I absolutely forgot that May first was Mental Health Awareness Month. This went way over my head. I guess we all have so much in our heads, at times. I can see we want to be spoken to and not read as much anymore.

Suddenly,  the thought came to my head to post something about it (as I was congratulating my niece on her birthday) I felt the huge need to create awareness. The spirit of God spoke to my heart, I felt very strongly that it was time to speak about “the logo”.

A. The colors are from two of my own paintings 🖼 the paintings have a prophetic meaning and were created during times of worship and a deep breakthrough in my life.

B. The message is clear, there’s a strong correlation between the brain(the mind) heart (the soul), and the spirit (our being). Our soul is the part that we battle with that wants to please the flesh the human desires, and the spirit is that part that wants to please God and vibrantly battles with the soul—if our minds are constantly conflicted our hearts will be saddened creating conflict with our whole being. This makes a direct reflection in our actions, reactions and affects our bodies the way we speak about ourselves-behave, and treat others. This could diminish our hope in life make and one believe that there’s no such thing as change and create a dissociation in our train of thoughts.

C. In the logo we can see two dots above the heart signifying two heads, that’s the head of Our Ultimate Counselor and the head of the counselee. A lot of times when people feel like everything is lost and that they can’t find a way to keep going they need someone to talk to and to guide them, or simply to be listened to.

I am here to counsel, coach, guide you, assist you in times of crisis pray for you and or simply listen if that’s all you need me to do.

When you look at this logo please see what I see. Because sometimes we simply need to get out of our own heads and teach each other that there’s #hope, to point each other to that center line, that reconnects life, and thoughts with the right source that pumps faith back into brain and keeps our mind feeding our hearts beautiful things that will allow our heart ♥️ to always do what is pleasing to the spirit, so that our souls can be at peace!

Let’s reach out to others and reconnect to the line of hope, let’s make sure we have life flowing within us!

Here with you and for you,

Denise Kilby

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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