Our self-love should be enough that makes others want to love us .

No One For Sure will love you the same way and with the same strength that you could.

No one will ever appreciate you like you could.

No one will ever validate you like you could and deserve to. You have the ability to love yourself beyond and immeasurably more than how, or anyone else would ever match up.

You are a precious gift and the simple reason that you get upset, angry and disappointed at others is because part of your subconscious knows that you have the strengths to love yourself beyond the point and with more passion than they can.

Trusting others with the responsibility to love us, care for us, and see us like God sees us and we are supposed to see ourselves is setting our expectations on a lower level than we deserve.

When we love ourselves and treat ourselves like God would we begin see ourselves from Christ’s lenses and not the world’s.

The world will leave us down, but the heavens that came to connect with us through Jesus Christ will always lift us up.

As creatures by nature and children of the most high we must always learn to love from the inside out before we love others and pretend or expect them to love our innermost.

Giving in to others choices and expectations means surrendering to others wills for our lives.

May this week be a reflective one for you whenever you decide that it should start. Ask for wisdom and get ready to learn, patience, endurance, understanding and how to love and be kind to yourself.

With my best love!

©️Copyright 2021 Denise Kilby New Hope MHCLC. All rights reserved.

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