Wednesday Wedge: we all have a why

My heart aches when I know/hear of individuals out there suffering, and having their lives destroy by source they reached out to, to feel compete, unsure of the true reason for their actions and lacking to understand motives.

When they’re asked “why do you engage in such behaviors?”, most of the time we get the answer that nobody wants to hear [not even themselves] “I DON’T KNOW”.

That answer usually comes accompanied by a defensive attitude, as individuals often feel judge, attacked, fearful, confused, exposed.

The true reason for it again, is that most individuals who engage in these negative behaviors and habits lack to understand that there’s a reason behind every action.

We are not looking to excuse the behavior, we are looking to discover the why, to help you overcome falling into that trap over and over again.

Let’s fill the void with a life lasting source.

Ask me how. I am here waiting.

You’re not alone, you don’t have to try to figure this out on your own.

©️2021 Denise Kilby New Hope MHCLC. All rights reserved.

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