We’re in this together let’s make the best of it, use any virtual platform available to connect with those you love and celebrate the Holiday. Don’t let anything separate you from the people dear to your heart ❤️

Choose strength—life—love—family—unity!

Fight for what you believe while taking all the precautionary measurement to keep them safe and healthy this Easter Sunday!

Make a nice meal, YES, get dressed up and connect with those you love, spread the love of Jesus, fill your house will joy, praise worship, and words that add life to the environment don’t forget, yet again, the reason for the season!

Get dressed up celebrate in the space that you’re blessed with 💜💚💛🤍🧡

It’s Easter Sunday, time to to feel alive, to enjoy life, to be thankful for the life. To humble ourselves for the life and understand the sacrifice that was made for us.

Not everyone understands this, but everyone should celebrate and enjoy being alive. Don’t let the four walls of your home cripple your spirit.

Plan ahead thanks God for a creative mind use this tips for life (or for today at least wink) Easter tips let’s call them, and please enjoy your weekend that’s soon to approach and your planning for the Holiday. Celebrate at home!

You are more than this pandemic! #wereinthistogether

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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