We find ourselves in the middle of the week and if you’re reading in real time is a great opportunity to create awareness and make an evaluation on your relationships. This is referring primarily to romantic relationships. However, the scope does not have to stay centered there.

A healthy relationship is shared among individuals who love, care, and respect each other. Relationships are build among people who learn to care for each other enough and end up loving each other, valuing each others needs, gifts, talents, time, space, family, & feelings.

A positive relationship is shared among people who love, support, encourage, listen (even if they don’t understand), helps each other, physically as well as emotionally and if the other person was to have a mental need, they seek help for them as well.

Signs of a healthy relationship:

➤➤Active listening: without judgement or fear of feeling judge for being open and honest

▸▸ Communicates often: without feeling trapped or judging each other

➤➤ Trust and respect each other to make sure that the trust remains intact: without trust the relationship is basically broken.

➤➤ Remember details about each others lives: childhood stories, places they’ve been, age, birthdays, favorite singer, movie, traumas, fears, accomplishments etc. (YES ANNIVERSARIES AND B-DAYS!) START SHARING!

▸▸ Consistently make time for each other: enjoy each other company, they understand that doing so is what will strengthen the relationship. (Not out of obligation but out mutual need).

▸▸ Engage in healthy activities together: plan dates together, outings, indoors, or outdoors, family events, understands that “your family is my family” “mine is yours” willingly replaces the “M” for a “W” valuing that in relationships there’s no longer “ME” in “I” everything becomes “WE” as one becomes selfless.

Please note that being romantically involved with someone is not necessary to reap all the benefits of being in relationships but as a personal, marriage, and family relationship coach I must touch all areas of relationship; although we are focusing on romantic relationships today.

Please continue reading as I am sure you’ll be able to take something.

Benefits of being in a HEALTHY relationship:

Did it ever crossed your mind that you would benefit from being in a relationship? It certainly did not cross mine. I walk into relationships selfless as I can be. But truth is that walking selfless can be a benefit to us in many ways.

Reduce Stress: Being in a relationship brings great benefits as it minimizes stress, it is said that is linked to less cortisol production, this is a stress hormone. In contradiction to what many individuals believe a partner can reduce stress rather than add more. There are studies that suggest that people who http://cohabitate https://www.huffpost.com/entry/relationship-health-benefits-significant-other_n_2602397?guccounter=1 have less stress than those who live apart from each other.

Faster healing: Another study suggested that married couples who have someone to remind them to take their medicine or help them stay encourage and positive before and after surgery tend to recover faster and enjoy of better health, http://Could you get Julius when you get out .

Behaviors: having someone to help us engage in healthier behaviors is such as non smoking, exercising, self-care and resting when necessary will eventually aid in our overall health.

Now after seeing ONLY 3/4 of the great benefits of being in a relationship, I have a question. Why would anyone want to be in a relationship that brings one stress, lacks communication, and makes one unhealthy by severing the relationship with your love ones, and where one is constantly forcing unhealthy conversations and intimacy, or where important details aren’t remembered?

The answered might be, because there is love (real love) from one of the partners to the other.

If you find yourself in this type of relationship I suggest you find professional help to evaluate the benefits of your relationship. The answer might be within.

You Are More, and deserve more!

Contact me for more information on this topic as I can help you discover the benefits of a healthy relationship.

With my best love!

Your coach,

Denise Kilby

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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