“I’m not saying I was born to suffer and go through hardships for the rest of my life, what I’m saying here is that I was meant for endurance and survival—to overcome and as a result help others do the same”

Good Morning My Lovely Overcomer’s 😃

A little cloudy over my way but let’s not allow that to cloud our minds shall we?

Real quick let’s jump to today’s questions (take 20 minutes to write/journal about it):

  1. What are your motives for doing what you do, what drives you everyday? #movement
  1. Are you living the life you were created to live? #creator
  1. Are you living your purpose? #purposeliving

My past sufferings—what I’ve lived, endured and overcame thanks to the grace of God have allowed me to help others today, taught me to confront with love and courage and use anger in a healthy and positive way to work in my favor.

What I continue to live, suffer, walk through, endure & overcome in a daily basis is my motivation and what gives me courage to continue to let God to equip me to empower, encourage and equip others, including and beginning with my children at home.

My faith is what keeps me going—His word is a lamp that lightens my feet as I take bold steps of faith in a dark path (Psalm 119:105) to show others that they are more than what they’re currently facing, seeing, and EVEN DOING!

Along this path is where we are being changed is where people are being shaped and where transformation of characters starts to develop.

As individuals we must know that we can’t help others unless we have been there(believe it not)—that’s why it doesn’t get (come) as easy for everyone.

Promotion doesn’t come from men(people)–promotion comes from God!

Let Him transform you!

Let’s keep in our heads the worlds I AM MORE. Not more than those around me-more than what I’m doing, more than what I’m seeing, more than I’ve been told, taught, believe, can see, feel, and understand.

Don’t stop searching learning and reaching!

Writing with love,

Your coach,

Denise Kilby

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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