Today’s Wednesday Wedge is on Relationships, Discernment and Communication: to bridge the gap let us wedge across the BIOLOGY OF LOVE DESIRE & ATTRACTION.

What happens in the brain when you close proximity with someone you’re physically attracted to?

Something begins to happen in your brain as you meet someone who you are attracted to. There are many different types of attractions… but when you’re physically attracted to a person and they’re about to ask you out, what takes place in your brain is something even more interesting.
– See them across the room adrenaline begins to run, blood begins to pump faster, you get weak in the knees
–The dopamine and norepinephrine flood in the brain like you never imagined, and you start to have a feeling of euphoria (and you idolize, is like eating pounds of chocolate cake without gaining weight, is like cocaine-the reaction is the same—not advocating)
– The serotonin gives you a #love cocktail (is like what happens with OCD) the obsession begins
– You begin to obsess, so what happens is LOVE, love that last about 12 to 24 months #yup

After that only the brave survive. A lot of teens, emerging adults and young adults don’t make it past the 24 months without their first big fight.

Intense Passion Fades

That intense passion fades just like a high of cocaine or the drunkness of a few cocktails.

There’s hope:
Discernment and Communication can foster healthy and long lasting relationships. That’s why is important not to jump into the arms of anyone who accept us or offers us an invitation.

• Start the relationship with small steps
• Studies have proven that relationships are easier when people have similarities (despite oposite being an attraction).
• Research shows that people/couples who have socioeconomic status, intelligence, religious and values do better together and end married.
• Our childhood experience play a big role into what we bring to the relationships—get to know each other deeply. Ask, share, ask, share.

Create boundaries
Work on being friends
Look at each other and pay attention to each other’s needs.
The foundation of any relationships is found on #friendship and #communication.
Give #fondness and #admiration
When concern about something turn toward each other, not away.

Partner with God. As we partner with God and we demonstrate our willingness to work in our relationships if problems were to arise He will help us work through those things.

Keep in mind that these are things that are culturally popular, but this is your relationship. You don’t have to be pop, you have to be committed to one another.

Work at this relationship with an eternity mindset. Aim as high as possible.

Resist the voices that call you and pull into doing what the world is worrying about looking in a partner and doing. Do what you must to obtain what you’re looking for.

Holiness, peace, honesty, calmness, assurance, respect, honor, healthy boundaries and a long lasting relationship.

©️Copyright 2021 Denise Kilby New Hope MHCLC Association. All rights reserved.

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