Wednesday Wedge: Bridging The Gap to Heal The Wounds Left from Narcissistic Abuse

More often than not you don’t know that you’re in an abusive relationship until it’s a little too late. Being in a relationship with a narcissist is being in a emotional abusive relationship.

It’s important to ground yourself after a traumatic experience like an abusive relationship, because you may still be living the experience.
“Your timekeeper in your brain is not functioning well, it believes that then is now,” Doctor Perpetua Neo said, Couples Coach, Writer and Psychiatrist.
So this means you can actually relive everything — the smells, the tastes and everything else can still feel very real.

Like with PTSD, and this is what you have to work through, otherwise it might feel like it’s going to take over your whole life.
“Reclaim yourself, that’s super important,” she said.

Figure out why you were attracted to this person in the first place, and break free.

©️2022 Denise Kilby New Hope MHCLC Assoc. All rights reserved.

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