Welcome to New Hope Mental Health Christian Life Coaching, a place were we expect, look forward to, and wait in Faith!

Denise Kilby is a Board Certified Advanced Mental Health & Christian Life Coach who obtained her Certifications though the Board of Christian Life Coaches (BCLC) and the International Board of Christian Care (IBCC). She holds a degree in Psychology Christian Counseling and was proudly trained in the field of her passion Psychology Counseling, Crisis Responses among many other subject areas. Making of Life Coaching her career choice through the school of Behavioral Science at Liberty University and Light University. She is part of the movement of people care, Presidential Member of The American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC).

With a background in Psychology Christian Counseling, Criminal Psychology, Crisis Counseling & Life Coaching she gained the motivation of helping individuals become unstuck. By taking the time to learn about the complexity of the family dynamic with the goal to help the families of today. Among some of the certificates that Denise holds besides graduating from her own lived experiences are Marriage Works, Carrying for People God’s Way, Breaking Free, Domestic and Community Crisis Response, Coaching for Marital Satisfaction, Blended Families, & Parent Coaching.

She is a married woman, mother of three children and calls herself the “Daughter of The Most High God”. She considers herself to be a faithful believer who is not afraid to lose the world to gain the “Kingdom of Heaven”.

She has been fighting fibromyalgia for many years and has overcome anxiety, panic attacks, low-self esteem issues, childhood bullying, and trauma, sexual molestation, suicidal ideation as a teen & even attempts, along with severe depression.

Denise does not think of herself as having been the victim of any of these issues, or the circumstances mentioned above. Denise calls herself a survivor, & victorious woman of God, blessed to have overcome, and to be able to be a blessing in the lives of others today.

She’s always looking for ways to make life easier, by reading studying, and helping individuals see the truth that lives within them. She believes there’s New Hope for everyone, and that “they are far more than whatever their current circumstances may be”. She enjoys serving, teaching, lay counseling (as an offering of love), challenging, motivating, encouraging, equipping, and reminding people who they truly are in Christ.

Thus, she gives by grace what by grace she receives daily.

She is here to empower men and women young and old alike, from close and afar, in the truth, to help the stuck become free.

Her goal is to “Help individuals live to their full God given potential”.

This is your life start taking action!

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