You Are Welcome, You Will be Listened to, Guided, Empowered, Encouraged, & Equipped in Love!

We didn’t have to do anything to receive this life, and receive our bodies, simply be born, something that’s completely out of our control, as well. Now that we’re alive to receive goodness and mercy all we have to do is be breathe (isn’t that insane?), because even those who don’t deserve mercy receive it. That’s what grace is, undeserved goodness. Practicing gratitude allows me to be truly thankful indeed and become fully aware of who I am and what I have in life, and I have a huge desire to share that with you. Which exactly what I do almost everyday. Whether this is via providing professional services to my clients, blogging something, or sharing a post on my Instagram page. Feel free to browse around, read some of my blogs, google me, and contact me if you need professional coaching. Oh, and connect with me, via email, or @denisekilby._ ps. We have FREE groups every Tuesday’s at 7pm and a lot more coming soon.

As I look back I become hopeful and I empowered by how far I’ve come and whom I’ve become. How far are you willing to go?

We are living in a world were individuals are in high need of New Hope!

Hope; exactly what I bring to you today! New Hope! With so many UNKNOWN noises and lack of silence even in our own heads one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and those we love is find a safe haven to uncluttered without judgment of being human, to let go, and get filled with the beautiful things that are in the silence of our mind. Deep inside within.

If you are in need of a connection to get out of the rut, you are in the right place !

You can change a little today, and be a great contributor to this world by tomorrow.

I am here for you!

“Even the earth is burning in confusion and the heavens crying in sadness, there’s a big cry for help in this world but you’re still living in it, it’s time for a change. There’s a reason why the inferno is beneath us and not above us. We are higher thus belong to a higher Kingdom. Step on this ground like a child of a King no matter the outcome at least you’ll know you’ve tried another day”

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