So long as you believe in yourself please know that they don’t have to.

Who are they anyways?!
They are all the people you live worried about—attempting to convinced, day in and day out; of your worth, your beauty, your self-value, and of who God created you to be.

Once you let go of all the self-destructive behaviors, irrational self-talk, judging, and distorted thinking you’ll begin to live
To Your Full God Given Potential.

If you need a push and support getting there; reach-out!

Here at New Hope MHCLC
We’re running FREE SAFE SPACE Professional support groups, every Tuesday’s at 7pm.

I know this has become a fad by many, or sounds like cliché by now, but here you’re not alone.
From these groups you could end up building strong relationship bonds and receiving professional services that offer life transformative services.

We have two weeks left of our series Praying to Pray More—Become a Warrior.

Tonight’s topic is Titled “When Women Pray”
I hope you can join us! When a woman pray anxiety, depression, fear, jealousy, sickness, and all strong holds are broken, lives are changed, marriages restored, generational curses and yolks are broken. Believe in the power of prayer. People is set free from captivity—people receive mental freedom!

Next month we will be entering a New Season launching a fresh Series of 4 weeks titled “My Relationships”.

You don’t want to miss this! Join the movement here are Denise Kilby New Hope MHCLC Assoc. Just connect with us and inquiry about our Safe Space Support Groups in your email and you will receive all the info needed to join us.

Again, every month we’re entering a New Season Learning a New Thing, becoming Encouraged, Empowered & Equipped!

Share the link with someone 🤍

Thanks for being part of us!

©️2022 Denise Kilby New Hope MHCLC Assoc. All rights reserved.

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