Breaking-Free Friday!

It is said and read that a big part of individuals in this world don’t love themselves enough and another part doesn’t feel loved by those who they do life with on a day-to-day basis.
This is a causation for a lot of discomfort, emotional and spiritual emptiness, that more often than not are reflected in a physical form, be it with our behaviors or looks. Which leads many people to try too hard to achieve recognition and social acceptance from others their peers that most of the time doesn’t fill them, but leaves them feeling more drained. This also causes them to engage in negative and self destructive behavior.

Learning skills like Self-discipline and acceptance by becoming your own coach can help you break free.
This is not about self reliance. Self reliance will leave you empty and perhaps stuck in the same rut all over again.

This is done by becoming reliant on God, trusting that through Him you can become empowered to live the life He created you live and love yourself the way He does.
By doing so, you will then be disciplined to not allow yourself to be mistreated, abused, or do any of the aforementioned yourself.

When you decide, you can take control of your life and lead it—with the right Bible principles, that is something that will help you, and it is the most important act of self-care that you can do for yourself.

It is about making the decision and the deep conviction to improve the relationship with oneself, because this in itself is an act of love and self-care.

Self-care may appear like a selfish act and hard work for those who are used to pleasing others or simply be put waiting for the call to run and care. However, it is important in order to be able to excel and perform our best.

The moment a person makes the decision to love himself or herself, the decision to stay in life, and say enough to self-abuse, has 80% of the work done, because that motivation is like a spark inside you on which your potential will sprout.
But if you don’t want to, nothing and nobody can do it for you.

Are you ready to Break-Free this Friday?

Think no more, take action now. Reach out if you need to take a break as many times as necessary, but whatever you do, get started!

©️2022 Denise Kilby New Hope MHCLC Assoc. All rights reserved.

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