Mental and Emotional Pain

Mental and Emotional Pain are Real Trauma People who have been exposed to a traumatic experience can have lingering emotional reactions and mental pain, just how victims of the emotional or psychological abuse can develop trauma as a result of the abuse. However, that’s not the only time people can be traumatized. After talking to … Continue reading Mental and Emotional Pain

Coaching on Interpersonal Development

Wednesday Wedge: boost your confidence by mastering your interpersonal skills. What are interpersonal skills, you may ask? Interpersonal skills are the set of skills we use to interact and communicate with others. Here’s some of the things that I can work with you on. Interpersonal Coaching & Development:This is the practice of Mastering Interpersonal Skills … Continue reading Coaching on Interpersonal Development

Restoration Sunday

Every action that we take with intention will produce the desired results. We don’t fail because don’t meet a goal. We fail when when we think we have failed. There’s no such thing as ultimate failure—every experience is an opportunity to learn something new. To make decisions, adjustments, and come up with a new plan … Continue reading Restoration Sunday


Monday Motivation: Be there for a teen. Parent-teens is hard. Being a teen is hard too. Parenting a teenager is what I’ve experienced as the hardest season of my parenting years. Yes, I may be biased here, and some people may say “I’ve had great teens to parent”.Well, bologna! Have you thought about them? If … Continue reading Parent-Teen(s)

The Glory Comes When You’re Out of Your Comfort Zone

Monday Motivation: The glory comes when you’re out of your comfort zone. What you believe that is holding you down and keeping you grounded can be in fact what’s holding you back and keeping stagnant. Fret not. Yes, neuroscience research teaches us that uncertainty registers in our brain much like an error. It needs to … Continue reading The Glory Comes When You’re Out of Your Comfort Zone

In Your Darkest Season

During your darkest season… it can seem as though everyone is living a happy story of success, blessings and peace. Meanwhile you’re in the pits of regrets, sadness, anger, confusion, guilt, fear, and misbelief. You find yourself asking God one too many questions and it feels as thought He’s shut His ears to your cry … Continue reading In Your Darkest Season

Train Your Mind

The mind changes if you’re willing to train it. I used to always beat myself up for what others did to me, feeling guilty and extreme offense towards my persona keeps me in a unhealthy mental prison simultaneously.I would victimize myself by the wrongful choices of others toward me as if their choices were my … Continue reading Train Your Mind