What we believe is usually connected with an idea of the truth but is not always the truth.

Our thoughts or beliefs are not always the reality simply because they’re connected to our ideas, as valid as they may be.

However, I’d like to make something clear from the start of this. This does not grant anyone permission to gaslight you or play mind games with you.

Your ideas are important even if your beliefs are simply your beliefs.

Moreover, they don’t become more valuable or important than anyone else’s because they’re our ideas.

Unless we have proven facts they remain simply our ideas not the reality of anything.

Most of the time we get hurt or hurt others because we remain hung up on an idea that keeps us far away from the reality of “how how things ought to be” or “Prince Charming should look” or “people should treat us” making us believe that things are a certain way when in reality they’re not.

Questioning beliefs logically through objectivity and observing from the outside in as a third party/person helps us to gage not only if our beliefs are true, but what are the logical consequences of our ideas in the world (positive and negative). Which helps us have COMPASSION.

We are usually very fast to question another persons beliefs (be honest-I’m not speaking about religion).

As soon as we question another person’s beliefs/ideas what they believe to be truth their stand point on a topic, we should evaluate our own. If we discover we are wrong, this fosters ACCEPTANCE.

This will help us understand ourself and make room for positive and negative criticism without fear of getting hurt.

If we discover we are wrong and modify our beliefs and admit our error, this fosters STRENGTH.

Then we’ll be ready to move on and take on the took box and start building place else, where our beliefs won’t get on the way.

Being honest with yourself and questioning your beliefs will not make you smaller, it will make you greater and give you more power, room for research and a learning opportunity.

Remember, your beliefs are simply an idea of the truth. Not necessarily the truth. Allow room for growth.

1 Corinthians 14:33 -“For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

©️Copyright Denise Kilby New Hope MHCLC Association. All rights reserved.

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