Tips to train your brain to look for what’s right rather than for what’s wrong.

Journal daily:

Look for what could be resolved rather than for what’s wrong.

This could take about 5min

Write down 5things that you’re grateful for.

Declare that today will be different.

Right down your negative thoughts.

Weight the feelings; of how negative thinking makes you feel.

Ask yourself the following;

Are these thoughts real or just my imagination? (Thoughts can lie).

How can I fix this? Do these thoughts require me to talk to someone about them? If so take action in a healthy and loving way.

What is causing me to think this way?

Is it someone or something?

Uproot it, get to the bottom of it and move on.

In 30 days of journaling and taking ownership of your thoughts you should be able to see a change!

Don’t live with anything that doesn’t serve your purpose.

Discover your purpose today!

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