Have a dream, make a plan, set a goal, execute! 

Hello there, Happy Saturday! 

We must dream, plan, and make goals to see our dreams come to pass and accomplish our goals in order to see our plans prosper right before our eyes. I believe that when we are aligned to the plans and vision of God for our lives, everything we touch will prosper.

You will hear me say (more of than you’d probably like), “we don’t cancel our plans, we adjust them to fit the time and season we’re living in”. I mean why cancel, why quit, and drop something that we feel a need to do in order to feel alive and live to our full potential? We don’t quit, we find new strategies and develop new methods. 

We don’t wait for all the traffic lights to turn green to head to our destination (especially if we’ve been longing for it), yes I say this a lot too, we get on our way and learn how to manage the traffic lights, wait when needed, proceed with caution, and go when the path is clear. 

Imagine if you were to wait for all the airplanes to be off the taxiway to decide that you will then head to your dream vacation, simply because you’re afraid of airplane traffic on the runway…just imagine, if you were to wait for all the people to leave a room to enjoy your child’s graduation because you can’t handle the anxiety that large crowds produce you. You would miss so much in life. You can be anxious and brave! 

I’ve had many dreams, made many plans in my life, and wrote down goals that I never accomplished, that I’ve not seen come to pass, that I never dared to head to my destination because I was (afraid) waiting for all the traffic lights to turn green. If all the traffic lights turn green at the same time, we are setting ourselves for a disaster…chaos, and massive crash. I’ve suffer of impostor syndrome, I should say unmanageable impostor syndrome because now I know how to manage. I tell you what is impostor syndrome: “Impostor syndrome, also known as impostor phenomenon or impostorism, is a psychological occurrence in which an individual doubts their skills, talents, or accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud.” I know, impostor syndrome is not a mental health disorder or illness, but the reality is that it affects one minds and life tremendously if left unmanaged. 

Yes, “I too have made many mistakes”. Waiting for the perfect time, was one of them. “I’ve fallen behind on deadlines”, but the greatest mistake I’ve allowed myself to make is live with fear, fear made me make mistake to forget that my God, is the ultimate decision maker in my life. 

When I decided to give God the place in my life, health, and mind that belongs to Him and only He can fill, I started seeing things from a brighter perspective. I have heaven vision, now. Am I perfect, no. I still get chickened-out and want to run when I’m put on the spot, but one thing I do different now that I didn’t do then, is that I don’t run when I’m on the spot. I don’t wait for perfection, I focus on progression. I celebrate small steps, and stay focus on He who is a light unto my feet and lights up my path as I head to achievement and success. God is waiting for you to start walking so He can light up your path, His word says in Psalms 119:105 that His word is a light to your feet. Are you getting that? You need to get stepping to see your path lit! You won’t see a clear path until you take the first step!

Remember in my last email, I said this would be your year to progress? I didn’t say your year of perfection, of no mistakes or held-backs. I say your year to progress, the dictionary says that Progress is a forward movement towards something:

noun: progress

/ˈpräɡrəs/ forward or onward movementtoward a destination.”the darkness did not stop my progress”. That example that uses fits right in here, the darkness will “NOT STOP MY PROGRESS”. Can you say the same? Well I believe as much as I did when I sent you that last email that this is the year in which you will move forward. Why, you may ask, I tell you why. Because I pray that as you read this The Holy Spirit of God aligns your mind to His mind and your spirit to His Spirit so you can move forward towards a life of consistency and growth.

This is not a energy matching fantasy type of movement. Scientifically speaking we all have energy in our bodies no doubt about it, but that energy cannot provide discernment or revelation, thus we can’t rely on it. That energy is the one you either use when working out or see when you touch a blanket fresh out the dryer. 

Thus, we align to the things of the spirit not physical things. We want to live a life guided by God, the only everlasting God. Be God reliant, not self-reliant, we rely on the Spirit to help us, the Holy Spirit of God. The soul seeks things from the flesh, but the spirit seeks things from the Spirit, things that no human can produce or cause, thus when we are submitted to the will of God, we don’t seek to please our soul, we make sure our soul submits and obeys the will of God for our lives. I had to make that pause, and clear some things up, that I felt drop in my spirit as I was typing. 

That’s why I never stopped dreaming, I realized that my dreams, plans and goals never changed, they were just being adjusted to the seasons and process of my life, but I knew that dreams don’t come a reality unless we call them to existence, unless we make a plan and of course have a goal, otherwise it’ll be just a dream. See when God gives you a dream and makes a calling over your life, you never stop dreaming, you never stop planning, you never drop your goals even when you “see them pummel” right before your face.  I no longer call it crushed dreams, canceled plans or unfulfilled goals. I now see it as opportunities for adjustment, learning seasons to be flexible, get equipped, and education for the mission. In this life, we can be many things, but something that we should never be is the person that crushes our own dreams—that crashes our own party, that opposes to our own wedding with our groom, Jesus. Jesus says in Matthew 9:15 that 

“The attendants of the bridegroom cannot mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them, can they? But the days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them, and then they will fast.” You should not mourn, grief as long as you have Jesus. Refuse to do so, keep gleaning, and if you ever feel distanced from Him, FAST, fast! 

You can be many things at the same time believe it or not it is possible to be capable and lost, smiling and struggling,  kind and have healthy boundaries, vulnerable and powerful at the same time, successful and traumatize, extrovert and alone, valuable and flawed, introvert and reaching out, loving and questioning life.

The fact that you are one thing, does not mean that you run out of opportunities in your life to be another. Even more, the fact that you may be stuck right now and not doing great things for God, does not mean that you don’t have a chance to do great things for the Kingdom of God later. See what I did there, I didn’t say tomorrow. I said later, meaning as soon as you’re done reading this. 

There’s a saying that goes around, “be kind to people for you never know what other people may be going through” absolutely true. 

See the thing is that capable, smiling, kind, valuable, powerful, successful, extroverted, loving people all have struggles you may never know. They may be questioning life even if they’re loving, they may be questioning their decisions even if they are successful. They may not know how to set boundaries and they may be feeling lost and lonely. 

The mercy of God reminds us in Philippians 4:11–13 that (we) I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” If we can do all things through him who strengthens us, then His grace gives us the power to do all things, even when we don’t deserve them. 

Among the many things that you can be and do in life one thing I encourage you to never be or do, don’t be a killer of yourself, don’t be the person who crasher your own party, who crushes your dreams, and cancels your own goals. If “yourself “comes with dreams, make a plan, set a goal and execute. 

With love, 

Your Coach,
Denise Kilby BCACLC, CMHC, CBHP, MC, FC. www.denisekilby.com

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