Mental and Emotional Pain are Real Trauma

People who have been exposed to a traumatic experience can have lingering emotional reactions and mental pain, just how victims of the emotional or psychological abuse can develop trauma as a result of the abuse.

However, that’s not the only time people can be traumatized.

After talking to someone in my Instagram DM’s a couple of hours ago I’ve been wrestling with the thought of emotions and mental pain..

Allow me to ask the following:

1. Have you ever felt so much emotional pain that your mind hurts, you want to scream to the world what you’re living to see if it makes sense to anyone else, because it doesn’t make sense to you?

2. Have you ever felt hurt and wanting to unmask the truth, for others to know what you go through behind close doors?

3. Have you ever felt confused about your calling or purpose due to your pain, suffering, mental and emotional pain?

I have a word word for you. Hold-on to your seats!

Trauma: is an emotional response to a terrible event… I think WE CAN LEAVE IT THERE.

The definition of “terrible event” is very (hashtag the following for a week because you are) #independent, #personal, and #individual.

No two humans have the same emotional responses to the same events.

Let no one tell you how you should feel after years of being treated a certain way or living certain experiences.

HOWEVER, be open, allow, and welcome good sounding advice, on action steps to take to get the freedom that you deserve.
Note: I’m not speaking break-up here. I’m speaking breaking-free! I’m not telling you to quit your job, or move to another state.

Here is the word!!
You have potential that needs unbound!!!

The enemy is not attacking you because he knows you’re weak. The enemy is attacking because he knows your strengths AND potential.

He knows the potential of your marriage. He knows the potential of your friendships. He knows the potential of your business. He knows the potential of your ministry. He knows the potential of YOUR family.

He knows the potential that you have if you decide to arm yourself and live in the favor and power that God has given you through the blood of Jesus that was poured on the cross of Mount Calvary for your family, your ministry, your career, and everything that has your name on it!

My question to you is the following.

Do you know your potential? Do you believe you have potential that needs unbound?

If you believe it, and you receive it shout AMEN! If you need help and feel stuck, reach out to me.

Get ready! Believe in yourself!

There’s always New Hope! There’s more within you!

©️2022 Denise Kilby New Hope MHCLC. All rights reserved.

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