Wednesday Wedge

Hello, my beloved readers!

I know it’s been a little while since I last wrote to you. I’ve missed you all (believe me) and I apologize with a “sorry not sorry” note, umm…in case that you missed on some encouraging, empowering and equipping reading.

But while I was gone I was seeking the author of the message to bring you all fresh messages.

See the thing is that I can’t pour out or quench anyone’s thirst with an empty cup at hand. I must assure that I am a full vessel with good content within to be able to give and pay forward all the goodness that I receive.

All my inspiration, and empowerment comes from the Lord alone. I had to do some self-care (practice what I preach, we can say), it was necessary that I took some time to get my affairs in order with the Lord. I’m not saying my life was in a mess, but I needed to bring you a fresh message I most reiterate. And that’s something that I can only get from the Lord Himself alone.

When Jesus needed a fresh word for the disciples and His people He took time off from the crowd and went up to the mount to seek His Father’s face, a fresh message started to bake as His cup was being filled.

I needed from the living water of my Father as well. I do that from time to time as part of practicing authentic spiritual self-care. It is through that time that I can see His glory, even go through trials, temptations and tribulations, yet, still choose to seek His face. My best messages come from my time of seeking.

Has this ever happened to you, that when you’re intentionally seeking the face of God all distraction comes to you at once, you get tempted the most and live in an array of mix emotions and conflicts? Ahh, welcome to human-hood!

Oh yes, that is part of the spiritual growth, the pressing of the olive to produce the best oil. That is the anointing in the making! I take it!

I always say that I rather live in the pressing than them wondering or not know what could come out of me in those circumstances.

If we’re not pressed to our full potential or push to our maximum capacity we might never know how strong we truly are. See my strength comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth. But if I’m not intentional on being strong I will live a life to rest in the lies of my adversary. I must surrender in times of weakness to gain new strength (His strengths). I must become uncomfortable with the normal things of this world to admit that something is truly wrong with the way of my preconceived beliefs. I must claim my strength and realize that when I am weak then I am strong (in Him) and that the strength from this passing world are temporary and come at a high price that I am being constantly asked to pay for.

Whereas if I use the strength of my creator they are free, the prices has already been paid with blood at the cross, and thus I can come for more any time I want and will never be asked to pay for them.

That strength is the one I seek daily, not from this world. Oh, yeah, not from this world at all.

Before I was born the price was already paid in full and my last day was already written down, and while I can’t seem to humanly comprehend such a gift (indeed hard to believe) I surrender. I come and seek my maker, my master creator, the Great I Am. The one who doesn’t need any explanation because He already knows my why’s. He understands why I feel the way I do, He just wants to hear me acknowledge that He exists to me, as I exist to Him.

When I come to the altar of the author of salvation o realize that His arms are already open wide like when He lived with us and bore my sins up on the cross. That is where I get fed of the living water, when I become a stronger vessel anew a fresh wine a miracle on this earth. That is when my cup becomes shareable and I can continue to pursue my calling.

How do you handle your spiritual thirst and self-care?

I’d love to hear from you!

Let’s connect 🤍

Denise Kilby

©️2021 Denise Kilby New Hope MHCLC. All rights reserved.

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