Today is your day to see beyond your situations (whatever that is).


Life is a learning experience: you can also become unstoppable

Whenever I held a fight with my husband (or myself if I’m going to be real) to do something that I wanted, I realized that at the end of the day I would end up angry, upset and what it felt like heart broken. Confused with God as my husband seemed to always do what he wanted anyways. I’m not sure how may others have dealt with this issues, in their relationships, with their spouses in the past or perhaps are dealing with it right now.

I started to learn in silence as I prepared myself for healing, and use my learning experiences to help him and help others as well. The shift had to start with myself, it had to come from within, I needed to lead by example.

I began to notice that at the end of the day. I had to shift my perspective and perhaps even my prayers along with the words that would come out of my mouth when I spoke to my husband. It wasn’t him who needed change, but rather me, in reality he didn’t care what was happening, he was happy with his life, he was happy being him, he didn’t have a need for change because his life was going well. I mean who would need to change when they see that they can do whatever they want.

He didn’t care much about God or being in a committed relationship– let alone being with a woman of faith. He was (or is) more of a Sunday church goer type of man. In all honestly that’s between him and God. Why am I even sweating it, my job it to pray for him!

In the middle of this messy, muddy, puddles I said “I need to find balance to see and read between the lines” I woke up and said “what is all this telling me to do?” (Maybe God said that to me, or everything I just typed).

“My husband is unstoppable, he always gets what he wants

You know who’s persistent, reluctant, and a lying bastard who enjoys all these messy puddles, even more so when he gets, what he wants? The lying devil also is pretty persistent when he wants something and we must be careful with the place we give him in our lives, we shouldn’t give him any.

He wants our marriages, our families, our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. When I was going through the anger I couldn’t realize this. God’s approach provoked an immediate awakening within me, while counseling someone in a similar situation and subject, that touched home. Something told me. “If your husband is unstoppable that perhaps is a quality that he is misusing or using to his disadvantage”. People like him, need people like us, and people like us need people like him. God makes no mistakes.

I begin to see all his qualities and everything I’ve learned from him, career oriented, he’s smart, social, if he wants something in life HE GETS IT. I am telling you my friends, as his wife, I know him– he gets it. This is something that works against him in our marriage a lot of times. I am speaking to you as a coach and counselor, a woman of God raw and open as I am.

A little moreover, here we can begin to see clearly how bondage works, don’t you think?

We can’t let that blind us as individuals. We have our own feelings, minds, thoughts, hearts, spirits, souls, and minds to care for. We need to remain awaken, alert.

My advice to you is to always find ways to learn something new from every individual and situation in your life, and do not limit yourself in moving forward when the situation calls for it. There will always be something to learn. You will learn what to do, and what NOT TO DO.

Pay close attention to the behaviors without losing your peace and remember don’t hate the person for their behaviors, that person is not your enemy.

If you need help and coaching to help you keep going, and navigate through any of this situations, please know that I am here to get you going!

Pray constantly. You’ll be amazed my dear!

The goal is not to fight against them, but to pray and fight for them. To get us to see the good in them. To see the potential in us and help us move forward in a healthy way.

Keep doing what you were called to do. You too have qualities and talents, you have potential, and you can’t stay on hold because other people decide to live life without you in their agenda.

It’s not time to sit and lick your wounds. It’s time to take action and learn from the situation at hand!

As long as you’re not hurting anyone you can become unstoppable!

Have a happy day, always believe in yourself and the power of silence.

©️2020 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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