Today my oldest turned 21. Can we wish him a happy birthday?

Because even in times as critical as this one we still need to celebrate life

21 years ago a day like today at around this same time (I believe it to have been a Wednesday as well) very oddly to say, I was arriving at the hospital at around 5:30 am to what was supposed to be a scheduled “induced labor” to bring this #BLESSING I get to call my first born into the world.

After 16 long hours of what I would call a SUCCESSFUL fail at inducing a labor I ended up with a C-Section that marked my life for eternity. I will never be the same. The minute I saw my stomach I hated my life and when I saw my son I loved it for ever!

I thank God for you your life son!

I couldn’t imagine being born in times like the ones we’re living now, or in the ones you have been born to. I would’ve had so much confusion, so many questions to ask, research to do people to find, and my mind would’ve still been trying to figure so many things out.

But here you are, emerging adulthood, working and doing what feels right, loving passionately and being kindhearted, smiling at strangers, men and women no distinction in sex, color ethnicity or race.

I would understand if you didn’t wan to do any of it all, but you do.

I remember one of your quotes

“What’s the point of being mad, it’s a waste of time” — James Garcia

I honestly thought you were not capable of getting angry.

You have grown up knowing that thousands died innocently when some airplanes crashed the twin towers as an act of terrorism, yet not lived fully understanding much about it. Back then we were United as a Nation by pain for fellow Americans and even not Americans that suffered and mourned as one.

Today we stand fighting for what people call their rights as citizens while a virus threatens to kill millions.

You withstood the absence of your father to go serve what it may have seen in your eyes back then like a purposeless war as result the 2001 attack (anyone gets lost trying to make sense of killing).

Now you get to see us all in the midst of a crisis not so sure however, if we’re still fighting as one Nation.

The same world that went to war, and was fighting to be kept separated for so many years in many different ways, fighting to be culturally different and had become culturally insensitive to so many innocent people, came together when a virus hit and threaten to vanish humanity. As soon as the thread seem to ceased humans in their anxiety for change decided to voice the silence that was prevailing and keeping them from thier their rights and

While some fight to stay alive, and others are still killing the innocent, yet great people like you are striving to survive. Don’t forget that being alive and living is not the same.

“Things will not change until people are healed, until a cure is found or until the process is over.” —Denise K

You are one of a kind, you’re smart reserve, intelligent, analytical and I pray that God gives you wisdom to see and understand everything that you are enduring, and guide you to live wisely to serve Him and live to Your Full God Given Potentials❤️.

#happybirthday #sunnyboy #burthdayboy #21yearsyoung

I hope you guys enjoyed this read as I unveiled a little bit more about me.

Always with your best interest at heart ❤️

Your Coach,

Denise Kilby

©️ Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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