Breaking-Free Friday: Silence those voices!

We can tend to lose sight of our inherent worth in today’s high-pressure world, to the point that the lines between what is, what we see, and what is possible becomes blur.

Our lights can often dim by the internal voices that question more than they’re willing to hear or listen.

A fine tune becomes a noise and the fine whispers are never heard due to the chaos that we have in our minds speaking defeat into our hearts.

To #breakfree we must stop— hush those voices and stop asking questions to be able to listen to directions.
When we do this we can hear the fine whisper of God speak life into a hopeful but vision-less soul.

Enjoy living in “what you can” rather than focusing on what’s not going well.

The possibilities are endless when you take time to breathe, exhale, and recharge with the voice of God.

Hashtags for the day: #hush #stopandlisten #proceed

©️Denise Kilby New Hope MHCLC. All rights reserved.

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