Your week begins today!
Plan ahead!

It is a common mistakes that Christians make, to want to be like other Christian’s to please God.
In their confessions and conversations with the father they even attempt to imitate other believer’s ways of praying.
They compare their lives with their behaviors, social statuses and positions of others and even with biblical characters.

Jesus doesn’t need another Job! Job’s story was Job’s story!

Your trauma and crisis response can be different than Job’s, that’s okay.
Comparing yourself to others can cause spiritual stagnation.

Your process is YOUR process, you’re not Moses, Martha, Ruth, Abraham, Naomi, Sarah, Luke, John, Elijah, Deborah, or Esther—(this to mention some names).

Even more you’re not Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus!

Be an ambassador of Jesus, imitate Jesus, love like Jesus, listen like Jesus, try to speak like Jesus (INCLUDING YOURSELF).
Learn about all others as examples, part of history, may they serve as encouragement and not discouragement.

For everyday at the end of the day, you will have to live and be yourself, alone with Jesus through the Holy Spirit of God.

Happy Sunday!

Hashtag of the week #thisismystory #genuineme

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