Live Consciously Aware of Your Choices

Thank you for connecting, today I want us to talk about being consciously aware of the choices we make. Don’t let your feelings take you by surprise.

I’ll begin saying this; Love is a Choice:

Love is a choice that we must make daily, and forgiveness carries it right by the hand. Every morning when we awake, we make a conscious decision whether to forgive the ones we say we love for the day or to carry our lack of forgiveness and pain and let it become anger. Depression and bitterness turns into anger if we don’t take first towards healing from our past. I know you might not want to hear it, but your past is as recent as yesterday.  Living with unforgiveness means walking around unsure of what we’re feeling for those we once loved, or trusted.

The result is always suffering, suffering for you or even those who hurt you.  Carrying pain is double work as we toss that load around everywhere we go, and fight to make room for it in our lives, many times if there’s no room because things are going well, we force it, we reminisce and try to remember. Instead of just leaving it behind, we force it to be part of our lives. These choices can take us on an eternal journey of suffering, yes, because life is eternal, whether is above in heaven or down in hell. A lot of people dislike to hear this truth, and as my Pastor was saying on Sunday service, this truth needs to told, even if people get offended, we are speaking the truth in love. These choices are ours to make daily, they could turn out to be beautiful or devastating experiences, choose how you want to look at it today. If you want to learn something positive from all your pain and suffering, you can. Make the choice today and start talking and walking in the truth.

This is not an easy task:

Its easier to say it than it is to actually do it. The reason being is because it is hard indeed. This is the hardest to do when all you’re seeing are lies, betrayals, abandonment, uncertainty, failure, disappointment and sadness. When you’re not facing anything that seems to truth, is when you have to say, “Jesus is truth, I choose to see Him, believe Him, and learn from this experience.” Your words will immediately affect your behavior and you will begin to move in those choices, (this takes practice). You might think, what about that pain, suffering, betrayal and lack of loyalty, that I’m still feeling? And what about when I find these feelings at the crack of dawn? I must tell you that if you Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this he will make this things happen. He will make this pain go away.

What about when doubt, fear anxiety and lack of understanding and unforgiveness cripples at you before you even sit up from bed in the morning? Or even more, what about when disappointment is the last thing you feel before you close your eyes?

We become consciously aware: STILL A CHOICE AND EXPERIENCE, WE’LL LIVE!

Trust & Experience:

Believe me, I understand, this can be confusing to believe that love is a choice and forgiveness is what carries it to completion. But think about what happens when you love someone? You forgive, if you want to remain with them, and I’m not sure if you have experienced this, but you can even learn how to forget. You can actually talk about it to the point that it no longer hurts, and with years you can’t even remember it at all (your subconscious won’t creep up on you). If this seems impossible now I want to recommend you Lysa Terkeurst’s book, “Forgiving what you can’t forget”. There is something greater, that begins to live within ones’ soul, that becomes liberating when we make a conscious choice to truly love LIKE JESUS DID. This is that feeling of being able to think of something that once hurt us so deeply to simply discover that it no longer causes pain, there’s no physical reaction, there’s spiritual growth instead, and understanding for those who hurt us. It is something that begins to set us free within.

I remember growing up and before Christ, I always used to say “I forgive but I don’t forget” or “I’m not God to forgive them”, “May God forgive you because I can’t.” Of course I could not forgive them, I didn’t have Christ, I was spiritually immature, I had a process to undergo and life experiences to learn from. Those experiences that God Himself allowed me to live so that I can become everything that He created me to be and thus be here today, talking to you from a much better life.  I’ve been saved by grace, I didn’t deserve it, I did not do anything to earn it, God gave me what I did not deserve, and I think all the time, why not pay it forward.

Going deeper:

God decided to send His only son Jesus to die for us, this was done due to His immeasurable love for us, love that will never be compared and could never be equal to the love of another living human. Jesus decided to become flesh and die for our transgressions as an act of love and obedience, and in the same vain forgive our sins. Leaving with us the great counselor, the Holy Spirit, so that we can talk to Him and receive advice through discernment whenever we need it.

Taking Ownership:

Your brain is made to reinforce and regulate life. Use it to work in your favor. What a lot of people don’t understand is how. I’ll give you a few more pointers as I conclude this talk.

Your subconscious mind has something called a homeostatic impulse, which regulates functions like body temperature, heartbeat and breathing. But what many people don’t realize is that just as your brain is built to regulate your physical self, as does it try to regulate your mental self. Your mind is constantly filtering and bringing to your attention information and stimuli that affirms your preexisting beliefs (this is known in psychology as confirmation bias) as well as presenting you with repeated thoughts and impulses that mimic and mirror that which you’ve done in the past.

Every morning when I wake up, I make a few conscious choices;

1) love (for God, myself and others), 2) peace (for myself and with others), 3) honesty (with God, myself and others), 4) security (in God, with whom I am, and for those I love) 5) loyalty (to God, myself, and those I try to truly love like Jesus did) and 6) understanding (myself as God does).

Practice what I, be consciously aware of your choices and keep me posted with the results.

As Dr. Joshua Straub said in one of the episodes of his Famous at Home Podcast’s

“I try to “Understand others as I would want them to understand me.”

I too apply the golden rule and add a slight nudge.

Contact me for more or if you need help navigating through any of these situations.

©️ 2021 Denise Kilby New Hope MHCLC. All rights reserved.

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