Suicide can be #prevented: break the stigma find the root and begin uprooting NOW it’s the time. Break the generational yoke and cancel it today! This is more than a physical war. However we can’t deny it has physical force. The vast majority of these individuals who have committed suicide don’t even know what they … Continue reading

Stay Long Enough

Stay Long Enough—you're there with purpose! There will be nothing more rewarding than knowing that you’ve learned something from the trials and tribulations, past the test and didn’t cheat the process out of it. But instead stuck it out long enough to learn some lifelong valuable —lessons to teach others. Don’t numb your feelings, & … Continue reading Stay Long Enough

Even when I don’t feel that I can keep going God reminds me that He is Able

I’m not sure what you’re seeing, how things are looking for you, or what your perspectives are like. I could tell you what they are looking like for like for me, what I’m facing and what my perspectives are, however 😊! ...but where not doing that ... Everyday you may have to come face to … Continue reading Even when I don’t feel that I can keep going God reminds me that He is Able

Trying to make sense to the world around me

In a world where everyone is so busy building their own empire (especially during this tumultuous times) the best thing I can do is pray for a way to build one together. We were created for relationships, intimacy, and connections. I don't want to live in a world that is tired of others making them as different but they're screaming that they are. I don't see myself any different than you. I am here to love you just the way you are, and my prayer is that you see me the same way. Enjoy the read, and make the best of your day! Share with someone who may need help navigating these days.

Living Free This Weekend

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to stomach this today but I must pause and come straight forward to you.At times I am stopped at a right or when or at a stop sign and I cannot help it, when certain things come to memory and I am have to write and share them … Continue reading Living Free This Weekend

I am Here For You: Sounds Like a Big Statement, Be There For Yourself

Good morning my beloved friends and readers: I am here for you! Thinking to myself as I navigate through life, I come to say once more “Thank You God” As I realize how easy a kiss turns into a smile, and a smile turns into a smirk, and a smirk into a glance, and a … Continue reading I am Here For You: Sounds Like a Big Statement, Be There For Yourself

Sit Down

Sit Down Yes you read it right, There’s a difference between a conversation, an argument, a fight, and a struggle. Do you find yourself unable to have healthy conversations with people “you care about?” Are you always arguing to win but don’t know how to fight the right way (with the right weapons) for your … Continue reading Sit Down

Don’t get lost in the process

A word of encouragement! People will do and say whatever is convenient and convincing to them. You must do them same! However KEEP in mind THERE’S a GOD who sees it all. Keep pressing on. You Are More, than what you’re seeing right in front of you. Don’t get sick and lost in the #process. … Continue reading Don’t get lost in the process

How are we doing this week?

We find ourselves in the middle of the week and if you're reading in real time is a great opportunity to create awareness and make an evaluation on your relationships. This is referring primarily to romantic relationships. However, the scope does not have to stay centered there. A healthy relationship is shared among individuals who … Continue reading How are we doing this week?