This post was originally written and posted on 5/15/2018, but today I had some readers visiting this post in particular and it spoke to me. I changed the image and the main tittle as I had posted originally in May (spring time) here I am reposting believing and trusting that it will speak to a lot of people again!

Don’t let what you don’t see NOW take your eyes away from what you KNOW despite of what you see in front of you!

I come to you with fervor anger to wake you up to help you understand that your current situation have been shaped by a series of circumstances not by a person nor a creator. Your creator is bigger! You are more! Don’t you worry by what is right in front of you, the battles you’re facing right now are something that will end despite of what you’re seeing, don’t try to fight them alone.

Are you physically fighting these battles? Phew, I didn’t think you were, unless you are reading me from a literal AND PHYSICAL war zone right now (and if that’s the case my respects and please BELIEVE Jesus will come through). Let’s continue; that is because these battle are not physical. Then how come we can feel beaten, how can we say we are going through a battle or that we are battling at all, and they are so exhausting and overwhelming, Denise?

Because they are spiritual. They drain us, we are humans, we worry, we become angry, we use it wrongly, we get anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, develop obsessive compulsive behaviors, sexual misconduct, become adulterous and A LOT MORE! Those are the battles we face everyday, some fight them some join them some only notice them when they are in too deep others don’t notice them at all and need to be save by someone else. There’s hope to fight if  you’re willing to give it a shot, there’s a devil who has his demons on the loose trying to keep the minds captives and making them feel all sort of negative feelings, unbalancing chemicals in the brain breaking marriages, corrupting children, bringing pornography to our homes, making our teenagers feel unworthy or grow an altered ego! YES!! THAT IS THE DEVIL’S DEMONS. Because the devil came to lie, to steal, kill and destroy. But there’s also a God, who came to bring life, abundant life (John 10:10). This is all a spiritual battle, if yoou’re not physically fighting it you’re mentally fighting it. A lot of people believe in the satan but fail to believe in God, how about we say “not today satan, not today I made a choice to believe that good things come to those who pray and believe in good things!”

Who are you willing to fight for today? Is it for your children, your marriage, your friend, your job, your spirituality, your wholeness, your health, or a love one, perhaps a stranger? Whatever, whoever it is! There’s hope! Be patience and do what every season requires of you to do.
I am fighting today for my house, for my children, for my health (in all aspects) and for everyone in this world who needs a good fight in prayer. That is why I write and share this message with you.

Enjoy the seasons in your life and remember that there’s always two tests that you have to pass

Who you are when you have a lot and who you are when you have less, these are the tests of faith.

What do you choose to believe during drought season? Do not let what you see cloud your spiritual vision, you know that conviction that you feel in your heart what many people call a “gut feeling”.

Do you think it’ll rain again, does it look like it’ll spring again? Let your intuition guide you to positive thoughts that will eventually take you to positive things in life. Learn how to connect with the things that you don’t see but that you do want to see and let go of negative thinking. #hope .

Who do you believe? Connect with the source of life don’t live in a world filled with beautiful things and beautiful people feeling empty.

Do you believe the people who are saying that spring will never come or do you believe what you have known your whole entire life? (be careful with that—spring always comes). Will nature continue to take its natural course even though the current circumstances are saying otherwise?  When you have your spirit centered in greater things your faith grows in the super natural and you begin to see things possible, you believe there’s hope for growth, change, overcoming, prosperity, wealth, health, wisdom, and faith begins to bloom. You will no longer see as the world sees you will see things that are not as if the ordinary sees it and you will believe the impossible possible. #faith

What do you know, what have you learned throughout your life, what has God showed you? What you know about life and what you have learned are just part of the process, part of the walk, part of the battle, part of the scars necessary to mark you and shape your tomorrow. What you have learned from it is what will give you the ultimate victory! Do not be anxious about anything! — #certainty

The Meaning of Faith

“Now faith is the assurance that what we hope for will come about and the certainty that what we cannot see exists. By faith our ancestors won approval.” (Hebrews 11:1-2)

“Sometimes you have to be angry to try to save someone and when I’m angry I write to inspire change, and hope”—Denise

Which reminds me of Martin Luther King Jr. , I love his quote below.

“I find nothing that promotes work better than angry fervor. For when I wish to compose, write, pray and preach well, I must be angry. It refreshes my entire system, my mind is sharpened, and all unpleasant thoughts and depression fade away.” –Martin Luther

#Passion #love #anger #calling #future #inspiration

My beloved readers: I write, pray and believe in faith that what I share here with you for free, by grace because it was given to me by grace will have a great impact in your lives and the lives of those with whom you decide to share it with.

“Please remember that this is with the intention to inform, encourage, motivate, and educate not to replace any medical advice prior given. Always seek the advice of your physician or other professionally qualified mental health provider wih any questions you may have regarding medical conditons”

Email me where it says “contact”, text or call me (if no answer leave a voicemail!), you can also contact me on intagram with any questions, do not try to solve problem on your own, this is for you to know that you are more and you’re not alone I am here to guide you and hold your hand.

With love, passion, willingness, and your best interest at heart,

—Denise Kilby

©️ 2019 Denise Kilby Life Coaching & Christian Counseling. All rights reserved.


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