Could we change something this year?

What if I tell you we can?

There are circumstances that we create and turn into situations that mark our lives, many others are circumstances of which we become victims because of family members or people with whom we live create a series of situations and even if we do not want to, we become easy prey of the adversary and without realizing we end up addicted to an abusive and unwanted life pattern.

But with each new day comes the opportunity to start from zero.

You see what I am saying (I truly hope so), every time I say God what is going on with this world why isn’t anyone doing anything for each other anymore? I am hit straight in my face with truth and sleepless nights with walking around looking disconnected with hearth, praying, writing and reading trying to figure things out…ugh—(THAT’S WHY I HAVE YOU, HE SAYS!) this is why I write so much for you this why my passion is bigger than my need for sleep and keeps me up until 1 am and it awakes me at 4am readers, take advantage. Reach out, stop complaining (ask questions later).

Okay now, we make mistakes—again—we live and learn, so can we learn from our mistakes and move on shall we?

Today I want to talk to you about the opportunity that God gives, and the gift that He will give you each of the 365 days of this New Year that is approaching.

Many of the people who fail their New Year’s Resolution (if they) do not have God in their heart as a spiritual guide to centralize them and keep them in the right path end up worse by the end of the year.

Some examples are that: When goals are proposed to get out of depression and to obtain mental closure if they do not seek the right help they tend to fail into a more severe depression, others who fail their diet will gain even more weight, those who say they won’t intake more alcohol if they fail will still take more than they took the previous year and alcoholism will end up consuming them, those who say and propose higher financial goals if they do not do well in their jobs feel even more inept than before (and it is there a lot of times when depression and suicide enters the homes) they let that affect them with their families and in their marriages. The reason for this is because a life without the guidance that keeps us with our feet on the ground is like trying to walk on the clouds with our feet stuck under rocks, instead of with our feet on THE ROCK (which is Christ Jesus) therefore life weighs more instead of feeling lighter.

It ALSO happens that people rise too much to such a level that fame, riches, vanity, and vainglory consumes them, it hurts their soul, and the evil yoke rots on their soul on a spiritual level that The Holy Spirit of God begins to grieve silently (but that’s another theme, for another day or for email).

I don’t know if you want to be one of the bunch, but like I said… I don’t want to be one of bunch!

I was not going to publish this type of “New Year’s Resolution” publication but I read the following today somewhere and it motivated me to write this publication,

“We can not do everything at once, but we can do something at once”

Something AT ONCE-—PACE YOURSELF Don’t you think that if we look at the days as they arrive and we make plans and goals for ourselves and for our lives in order to work on them one day at a time and one goal at a time life will begin to have more lightness in itself… in our daily routine?

God does not give us the 365 days all at the same time, then why do we try to do everything at once, or in many occasions wish for everything in life (that all the good things happened) at the same time?

Do not worry about anything; rather, on every occasion, with prayer and petition, present your requests to God and give thanks. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will take care of your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4: 6-7), worry for one day at a time Matthew 6:34, one goal at a time Philippians 3: 12-14.

God equipped us with a substance called opioids “endogenous” that is produced naturally by the molecules of our brain and helps us deal with pain naturally, these opioids are like those of morphine and heroin. This is why many people become addicted to these substances with such an ease and it becomes so difficult to break that addiction, although it was something given by God to help us protect ourselves and fight pain naturally, it was also duplicated by the enemy of God -Satan to bind the children of God to an addiction and keep them bondage to earthly chains.

When we experience traumas, painful situations, abuse in our childhood and even as adults, when we are in sick and harmful relationships and we see that the cycle continues and does not end even when we want it to end because it hurts us and we no longer want to go to on, this applies to our career paths (our relationship with our employers and coworkers), and this also applies to our church live our congregations and our relationships with our pastors and our leaders. It is healthy to do a self-examination and look to see what can be what is holding us stagnant and is keeping us stuck (perhaps bondage) and that could be what allowing us to continue in that pattern and life cycle.

That is why many times it is necessary to look at our past, our childhood or at the beginning of any relationship or career, be it employment or life path; to find out the root of the problem and uprooted—we have to work from the source and not the branches. Everything starts somewhere. As much as we do not want to, our brains produces this chemical to protect us from painful situations, and often (as it is addictive) we get used to the pain, and the cure (the drug, which is also the antidote) does not come unless we go through the disease (but the cure – the drug) is worse than the disease at times.

We must heal, heal our hearts, go through the pain, let our bodies stop producing that antidote so frequent that is keeping us addicted to creating those circumstances and those situations that keep us stagnate day by day… the Lord has processed us in this year, and we can now say in THIS new Year (and every new day) “come with new strength and heal everything that is blocking and preventing me from seeing the severity of the matter”.

Friends, do not be afraid to seek help. You do not have to wait another day, but also you do not have to do everything at the same time… you do not have to wait another year, but ALSO don’t have to do it alone either. As any addiction you need someone to help you out of it, someone who tells you how to break free, how to break the cycle in which you find yourself (we understand that it is not because you want to) sometimes it’s because you love, and love is good but it often hurts, until you are well you are not in a position to help someone else.

Not everyone falls into that category, others are in need of getting a hold of themselves just for them.

The tests and the processes that you did not completed in this year, you might have to face and retake it next year. Think about how you end this year; analyze how you are going to start this “New Year” (see how I’m speaking in present time?) all you have is now!

Are you ready, are you in shape for what is coming or are you going to wait for a resolution to get fit?

It all starts with the heart!

With love,

—Denise Kilby

©️2018-2019 Denise Kilby Life Coaching & Christian Counseling. All rights reserved.

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