That will make your heart and body feel better

Mental balance will be added as a bonus;

At the end of the day we all want to lay down in bed and be able to say “I had a great day today”.

Unfortunately that is not the case in every household (when I talk about house I am referring to the heart), although I am sure that is the ultimate goal, because no one on this earth wants to lay their head to rest at night and say “wow, what a terrible day I had, I look forward to more misery tomorrow, more pain, grater suffering, to more tribulations, heart aches, and possibly the failure that will accompany all of that”.

As humans we naturally long (hunger, thirst, wish, urge) for a sense of satisfaction (gratification, compensation, delight, contentment, happiness) and that is perfectly normal; in fact what it would not be normal is to live a life where you never wish to find happiness on anything you did.

When we lose connection with ourselves we can somehow end up living a hopeless life, and sadly living a life where we don’t care what the outcome of our days turn out to be. Sadly to say that is the case of a lot of people on the surface of this earth. There are individuals who seem to not care for what happened to them yesterday and appear as though they are self destructive; walking down a disorganized pathway in life. Somewhat avoidant or even ambivalent. Others are so anxious that appear as if they worry about everyone else’s problems a little too much. Truth is that in between the different types there are many personalities, traits and mental health conditions to which God can provide healing and balance.

No one can see what goes on in the interior of our bodies by simply looking at us, the only one that knows us from the inside out is God, before you were form indeed. I am sorry, but not even your parents.
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” (Jeremiah1:5 NIV)

He’s supernatural power is for supernatural healing!  (just to bring awareness). The greatest news is that we are talking about a creator healing God and not a God that we are creating among each other, we are talking about a God who created us.

Jehovah ~ Shammah ~ “The Lord is there “Present” in the middle of it all, at the gates of the city, whenever you’re the God that created us The Lord is There.

Jehovah ~ Nissi ~ “The Lord is my Banner” We have to do like Moses and trust and believe that The Lord is our banner and say it out loud and walk in that faith, knowing that he can bring bring healing to our soul, that we can find peace in him, that our house (our hearts, our spirit, & soul) can love again, and our home (where we reside) can be set free from bondage.
Moses built an altar and called it The LORD is my Banner. (Exodus 17:15)

Jehovah ~ Jireh ~ “The Lord Who Provides” Will provide healing for your soul, your heart, your mind, and your body will begin to feel better and lighter after you let go and start receiving from what He has to offer. He sees everything you need (also everything you have AND don’t need), He will see to it, He will come through on its due time. God may put you to the test but as long as you remain faithful He will ALWAYS show you the way, He has a purpose for everything that He is doing, there is a reason for everything that happens in life.

Are you believing that you can do life alone, or are you feeling like you can’t continue to go on alone? Either way the word alone is asked in that question right…how to answer? The bottom line is that our most intense feelings are tied to the connections we make with the people we love or need the most. No one can do life alone. But everyone of us needs to be able to understand who we are before we commit to anyone else. We’re always going to need somebody! Avoiding people is not the answer to find ultimate satisfaction in life, either. Not that we are looking for ultimate satisfaction,(wink-wink) but… to be able to at least find some sort of contentment in life we need to first find our—Shammah, make Him our banner, know He will come through, and be certain He is Jehovah ~ Rapha~

Jehovah ~ Rapha ~ “The Lord who heals”. God can provide and will provide physical, soul, & spiritual cure to all your pains and sorrows that will give you great peace of mind. Therefore don’t take His word lightly 7 “Throw all your worry on him, because he cares for you1Peter5:7 (ISV).

You are not alone and don’t have to face live alone, there is no need to fight your battles alone when you were created to surrender your cares on someone stringer. When you are weak if you don’t cease in prayer and continue to trust God then you will begin to notice that you are strong stronger than you ever believed. Only the true ones who are truly secured on themselves reached out to others when they need help or are gong through tough times.

If you or anyone you know is going to a tough time, I encourage guy to reach out. Talk to someone, pray together and don’t forget that you’re not alone.

I am only an email away.

Constantly praying and thinking of new ways to grow together 🙂

Warm hugs,

—Denise Kilby

©️2019 Denise Kilby New Hope Life Coaching & Christian Counseling. All rights reserved.

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