There are things in life that we imagine ourselves doing (i.e. a fantasize over—like flying per se) and there are others that we can see ourselves outside of our being making them happen but we do not imagine in the most remote physical ways of doing them. Almost like our imagination doesn’t reach that far, like the vision invades the imaginary senses of our brains.

I’ll try to explain myself, I saw myself for a long time preaching and giving prophetic words, tying and untying with the maximum power that broke the bronze skies that impide me from receiving what awaited for me (and many people in a general sense). I saw myself in the past writing in the internet but I never imagined myself doing it. I saw it (in a possible sense) but I didn’t know how… humm it’s supernatural. And that power made me reach the third heaven here and in other places which I am not sure if you can grasp the feeling or visualize the picture. It was overwhelming, powerful and empowering; for many years. I can still see myself doing it in English and Spanish & with translators (glory be to God), but I can NEVER imagine myself physically doing it (getting there), perhaps because I don’t see the means or the physical ways of making possible—only God knows and time will tell.

However, I can clearly understand that the vision comes from something bigger than a childish dream, is not an imagination is a passion that gives you the dream to back it up. Is a higher power that empowers you.

Have you ever had anything similar happening to you, maybe with a career or something you dreamed of doing, places you truly want to go, like on a rescue mission etc.? Is not a fairy tail that makes you imagine things and fantasize and create false ideas, that make you day dream but not move forward with the desires to pursue them because you know those are fantasies when you dream of flying but you know you can’t (at least not on your own) that will never be attained.

The calling is a passion that lives within a person, a God given vision is provided to reveal to what will later be confirmed by either great intimacy with God, a persistent and uncontrollable passion for a field, person, or need, or a sensitive hearted person perhaps a very humble and privileged one that God will allow to speak to one in this matter.

In one occasion I shared with someone that

“The calling is what moves your sphere and proves to you that God will use you in any field that you are in”

This applies to the secular world as well, if you have a passion and a calling to be a engineer and your parents want you to be a Doctor, it does not matter how smart you are or how well you master your classes you can do your disertación in the most complicated health disease and obtain Doctorate, but your passion will always pull your mind and your heart will always pull you to do research but not pertaining to health—the ones pertaining to economical solutions and technical problems.

In this world there are the things that we have and the things that we want.

    My questions to you are what are you doing to obtain the things that you want?
    And, do you need everything that you have?

Sometimes we have to let go of some of the things that we have in order to make room for the things that we need, if we want to grow. Are we pursuing our passion, are we listening to our calling, or are we just living off of our imaginations and what people think is best for us?

I always say that as children we have no control of our lives, but as adults we are entirely responsible for our spiritual, physical, and mental wellbeing those 3 elements will feed depending on how clean our soul is.

Don’t forget that every plant needs a root.

What you are feeding your soil today?

Those branches will reveal it in the future.

Dare to move in the extraordinary things that await for you when you move by faith, speak faith and declare that great things will happen and come your way. You will begin to see your visions come to pass and your dreams come true. .

Thank you for your time and trust, don’t forget that you are more. There’s more within you. Your are important and if you talk to God you will obtain discernment once you’re filled with the The Holy Spirit.

If you haven’t accept God as your Lord and Savior here is an opportunity and a calling to do so, just say this prayer with faith.

“Lord, I have sinned against you, I repent of my sins, I ask you to please forgive me. I accept you as my Lord and savior and I want to walk with you for the rest of my life. Please write my name in the book of life, and allow me to feel the presence, Amen”.

By saying that simple prayer of salvation or any other similar one with faith, and reverence you will be saved and walk for the rest of your days filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit of God.

Faith does not mean that it will be easy, it means that it will be possible.

With love as always,

Denise Kilby

Ps. You know how to reach me 🙂

©️2019 Denise Kilby New Hope Christian Life Coaching. All rights reserved.

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