Boost Your Brain

Boost your brain

It’s time to activate the knowledge that the Lord has placed in us, by becoming wise in how we use what we already know.

Keeping items in the same place…

Let’s start with what seems most obvious

  • Make sure that every time you use your purse you place it in the same exact location, a hook behind the entrance door or under the end table in the living room. Yes, that second one may seem like an awkward one, but if like me– you do a lot of online shopping and bill paying that could be a convenient place.
  • Let’s talk about those keys, that are always sitting at the bottom of our purses… how about we intentionally place them in that hook that says, “keys belong here”.

When we practice these exercises, we’re intentionally reminding our brains to work in a certain way, that things must be in a specific order. We’re purposely moving and thinking, until these activities become second nature. I have a one-year-old goldendoodle who taught us that if we don’t keep our socks away, we would have a sick dog around the house every 3 days and a possible very expensive pet bill at least once a week. Let me tell you that it took us almost an entire year to finally get pet insurance. It takes times, practice and intentionality. No one is perfectly organized. But now we’ve learned out lessons since the last massive snowstorm and his last visit to the vet.

Learn that name

  • Can you give me the little things that’s on top of the middle thing by the tv? Sure, the thing that looks like an oval thing?
  • Do you remember the lady that lived next to the lady that used to sell shish kabobs? Oh, the one that has a husband who was a mechanic?!

Suggestions to help you remember call things and people for their given names:

  • Whenever you buy something look at the label, read it out loud, and when you’re talking to others about that product call it by the name on the label, box or describe by as it says on the box.
  • Do you grasp everything the first time you read it? Probable not. If you’re a visual person, it might help to read what you’ve read to keep it in your memory or imagine the characteristics of what you’ve read.
  • The same goes with people’s names and faces. When you’re introduced to people look at them in their eyes. And repeat their names back to them by saying nice to meet you, whenever you think about them imagine that introduction and their unique characteristics

Strengthen your power of attention

  • Open a book. Open a book every night and read three new pages, attempt to memorize & write down in a summary what you read the next night before you go back to the next three pages. Then do it all over again, read three new pages and summarize again.
  • Boost information processing speed by examining a photo you have never seen before for one min, then turn around without seen the image and jot down 10 details you saw while looking at the image. (Will also be done during session).  
  • Increase your short-term memory by listening to your favorite music and attempting to remember the first top 10 without looking back.

Mindfulness Meditation and Pray

  We’ve all heard of the term meditation, mindfulness and prayer, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the three together.

  • This form of meditation helps you make an assessment on things that have happened from a calmer space, helps you connect with yourself, relax and focus on your breathing. Focusing on your awareness in sensory stimuli in the present moment. While ignoring intrusive, and annoying chattering thoughts—you know, random self-talk.
  • Manfulness meditation and prayer can help you calm a racing mind and declutter to learn new information. This helps you sharpen your ability to focus without you jumping from thought to thought.
  • Prayer keeps you grounded during your mediation to your creator, His son your savior and the Holy Spirit who surrounds your body and heals your mind and spirit from all the chaos going on around in this world.

Keeping a weekly plan

Sometimes I surprise myself by how good I’ve become at it. It took me years of missing appointment and being late before I realized how much I like the Lord to be on time and organized in my life and I’m here as His ambassador.

    I’d say I’ll start with today

  • Daily start breakfast, lunch dinner, dishes, shower, bedtime, wake up time, cleaning, etc. (the most obvious and basic things)
  • Remember to be flexible and not live stressed by it
  • Having things written down will give you the satisfaction of seeing it get done.
  • Add it to your phone calendar and or write it in paper.

Read on…

You may find it hard to believe but if you really want to enhance your memory and learn…read. When I first came to the Allentown PA from Puerto Rico, I can certainly say I didn’t know English. I thought I knew some…Well, if you know Puerto Rican’s I can tell you I didn’t know much more than what they all know when they first come here. I knew Hamburger, Hotdogs, Pizza, McDonalds…You get it right? All the fast foods that we have in common, the common phrases they teach us in our English classes thanks to Puerto Ricans being US Citizens we get some classes other people I’ve spoken to say they don’t, the basics I would say.

Despite being born here I left for PR when I was 5 and basically was raised there, coming at the age if 16 I had to relearn the language and the culture. At the time I was a mother to a 2-year-old boy, so I didn’t fit in with many youths and the people I hung around with were at first my mother’s friends and afterwards all military personnel, so I focused on reading. That’s where my main intellect and love for books came from. I learned English, grammar, and although I was always really good in my English courses in Puerto Rico, Spanish, in Writing; I learned how to put words together.  

Reading it’s the best way to sharpen your brain. Not only because it helped me. When you read, you’re processing the material written, you have more time to think, and this activates your brain. The more parts of your brain that get activated the better it is for your brain because the more alert that you will become.

One small detail about screen reding, when we read on a screen. A lot of screen reading is leisure reading, social media doesn’t always provide a lot formal book formal reading, and this can actually hinder your brain… This type of reading does not help the brain to be stimulated. The longer we stare at a screen the longer we can hinder the process of critical thinking. The less critical thinking that we do in life, the less capable we will become when it comes to making critical decisions.

The solution? Read more books. Your brain will appreciate it!

Pick up the pen

Let’s get writing: journaling has been proven to improve the brain health. Yes, journaling nourishes your brain. We all want to be nourished and what better way than by writing how we feel or what we’re going through on an ongoing basis. Pressing down with a pen on a paper has an impact on your brain.

  • 1. Journaling reduces stress: an overabundance of stress can be damaging your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
  • 2. Expressive writing can strengthen your immunity and decrease your risk of illness in the future. Those who journal constantly show stronger immune cells than those who don’t. It also increases memory capacity which improves cognitive processing.
  • 4. A unique social and behavioral outcome of journaling in that it can improve your mood and give you a greater sense of overall well-being and happiness.
  • 5. Journaling will strengthen your emotional functioning. As journaling habits are developed, benefits become longer terms; meaning that your will become more in tune with your inner needs as you journal.

Journaling is good for you. Journaling gives you an opportunity to get to know yourself as you let go of what seem to impede that same action, while doing so.

Spend time in your memories

As we spend time talking about boosting your brain and talking about different thing that help keep you in your toes. Now I want you to focus on Spending some time in your past memories.

Past memories can be very bothersome for many people. Whether it is because you’re having difficulty recalling them or because of what those memories hold. To add to the process many experience intrusive memories and flash backs that keeps them from wanting to remember anything from their past at all and prevents them from moving forward.

A key to finding peace and relief from your troubling memories lies in shifting from intrusive rumination to deliberate and reflective rumination. Your memories are going to come up one way or another. Why fight them? Instead of being at war with your memories, invite them in. Call them in and come to peace with them. When you think critically about what happened to you, you give yourself an opportunity to eventually learn from the experience.

Ahh, Sleep… Get the sleep you need

Dreams we all have them, and to have them we need to sleep. They have a purpose. Dreams are a vital process for memory consolidation and healing (Wright). Our memories are consolidated in our dreams while we sleep, and our days are linked with similar parts of our days. In some way we can say that our hippocampus and amygdala work at putting this into what we call dreams while our eyes are closed, and we rest our minds. Our brains are at work while our minds are at rest at night. We must sleep, we must rest our mind for our brains to do their job.

I pray that this is helpful and that you can come up with a plan to reach your goals, and a schedule to work on healthier habits and get on your way to your new journal.

In Christ,

©️2021 Denise Kilby New Hope Mental Health Christian Life Coaching. All right reserved.

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