How hard are you truly trying?

I am not saying what are you physically doing, what places are you going to, or what are you accomplishing in life?

I am saying how are you treating yourself, what’s the pep talk that you’re having with the inner you when times get hard? Are you repeating what everyone says to the themselves because that’s what you read on Facebook or Instagram, perhaps you’re just meditating getting back up and pretending things are going well because that’s how they’re going for the one neighbor down the street or the coworkers?

Let’s get real, let’s get connected, let’s feel our heart, feel your soul, break the fake, be genuine.

We can only try, we can’t expect things to be done without any forth effort or mere hope. We have to actively hope, think, strategize, make a plan to take action, move into the action we’ve chosen to take, and be persistent & consistent upon it.

It doesn’t matter how many times we failed in our past, it doesn’t count how many times we had a set back, it’s totally irrelevant the number of times we have been unable to effectively complete a task the way we wanted—let alone the way someone else expect us to.

Can I rise up and give it one more shot?! Can I try to motivate you one more time? can I speak from my soul and do what I was born to do?

We can ask for permission but we don’t need to wait for our permission to be granted to do what we were called to do.

I am not talking about a weak shot I’m talking about my best shot. You know I may fall face first and bust the living soul out me but then again I might rise up and leave a few mouthed open ready to receive the flies that are leaving tomb like when Lazarus rose after Jesus said “Lazarus get up!”.

Let me get more personal here, whatever you’re going through right now is not a matter of death you know, it may stink already, it may hurt, it seem like the whole opposite of wellness and success and guess what THAT’S okay normal prognosis-natural course due to the circumstances and the situations that have been built from them… but I tell you AGAIN what you are going through right now is not a matter of death! This is not meant to kill you! You will not die from this! You will not be defeated! You will get back up! You will get up stronger! You will become more, because you are more! This is part of the process that is needed for your testimony, that will help you get many others back up in life. This is for the unbelievers who never thought that you could make it in life, this is for the hopeless, when you get to the other side you will not even have to speak to say “I told you so”, because your life story will speak for you.

Keep pushing on, get back up and give it another shot, not a cheap shot at revenge or a weak shot at trying. Be genuine and become the best you and live in that mindset everyday so that you can operate in an effective manner everyday of your life even when the world sees you or believes that you’re falling apart.

Many people will sell you out to your enemies, will lie to you and betray you, will lie to others about you, and speak evil of you behind your back. Betrayal will hurt and sting your soul but you have greater things coming your way and you have the power and hope of resurrection awaiting for you telling you and confirming you that it doesn’t matter who may have left you what matters is that you don’t lose hold and grip of your soul.

-Joseph was left and sold by his brothers, I do not know if you were left somewhere. But God is waiting for you to come to Him to teach you where He will take you, where the tea party will be.

-The one who left your life does not matter anymore, the one who left you or abandoned you lost what he let go of , the one who died remains in a beautiful memory or in a bitter one (but if it is bitter the pain will consume your soul)

– Life will hit you hard at times (the enemy because life is beautiful and a beautiful gift), your bad decisions will have consequences, but God is HERE to change, restore, rebuild, and tell you TALITHA CUMI “Arise” Mark 5:41 (ASV)


– Because you insist on living in pain, bitterness, sadness, and turmoil when God wants to solidify in your life to heal your souls, and establish his permanent spirit in you for all eternity.

– Remember that an injured soul hurts a soul and the cycle continues, but a soul that seeks Christ in time and is restored and healed inspires others and the cycle of pain ends and one of healing begins.

Can I say that I will try again, I will push with all my strength!

I refuse to this world fall on my shoulders and not do anything about it, I believe there’s is more for me because I understand that I am more in Him.

You are more,

—Denise Kilby

©️2018 Denise Kilby Life Coaching & Spiritual Counseling ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

2 thoughts on “Try Harder

    1. Of course you will you’re fabulous! Wake up and count 3 things that you’re grateful for & go to bed and count 5 that you’re happy to have accomplished that day. You’ll see the changes right there 💜


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